Think i might ZICAM tonight!

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by pbjube3, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. well its been roughly 2 weeks since i last had a lovely dxm trip, and i just got a nice bud from my dad so i think i wanna trip tonight, probly will use the trusty zicam,. i was thinking about doing 1.5 bottles of zicam.

    ill probly run to the drug store in a little bit!
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    How about pick up some boomers or cid, it's so much better. Then again, everyone has their own opinion on what they like and dis-like. Good vibes sending your way, have fun!
  3. believe you me, if i could find rolls, shrooms, or cid i would be doing that. but i aint got no money and i cant find anything like that in my area, its hard to come by, or its bunk!!!
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    When you're in the mood to trip, you gotta satisfy that craving. :smoke: Even if it is with Zicam :laughing:

    If DXM's a frequent thing for you, you might wanna check the extraction thread out. Definitely nice to have some pure DXM layin' 'round. :D

    EDIT: Plus then you don't have to feel like a fiend goin' through bottles bottles of the shit to get to the plateau you want.
  5. i didnt end up doing it last night night, but i ate a bottle of gel caps so i had about 300mg of dxm, startin to come on right now, im smoking a jibba and waiting for the trip to come on, im playin xbox live

  6. i feel like a fiend because i've saved almost all the syrup bottles i've ever purchased.

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