Think I killed my first seedlings :( advice?

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  1. hey guys; I recently started my first grow leaving any high expectations at the door from the get-go. I'm a little disappointed though because I'm fairly certain I've already pretty much killed my seedlings.

    So here's my setup and details.. I have a 4x4 tent with a 600w HPS. Germed four seeds three weeks ago, only three sprouted. I planted them in starter plugs and threw them in there to start off. They looked pretty damn healthy for a week or so, until growth slowed and the first set of leaves started curling. One started to fall over. Temps have also been between 80 max and 65 min.

    I was watering them every day, so I decided perhaps I was giving them a little too much water and cut it back a little. Didn't help; tips of leaves started yellowing. I moved the light a little further away thinking that might be the problem but came back today and they looked like THIS.. :(

    I'm not sure what I did wrong. If these seedlings are done I want to at least know what not to do next time.

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  2. Way over watered.

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  3. That's what I thought :( I gave them a day off this weekend followed only by a light spray and they looked even worse. Any recommendations for how often/how much I should water them in the seedling stage?
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    Every environment and plant is different there's no set time. What do you have them in. Looks like ice cube trays with very little soil or something. Is their even any drain holes and aeriation amendments like perlite . I start in solo cups. Take a mental note of what the unmoist soil feels weight wise. Then water and take a mental note of that. When it gets down to the dry weight, water again. In my set up that's about every 2 days. I keep humidity high but never mist.
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  5. The holders I'm using are styrofoam starter plugs. They do have a big drainage hole in the bottom but I'm kind of skeptical of their efficacy. I feel like it's difficult for water to drain into the tray. The roots all shot to the bottom and I feel like they're constantly submerged. I just elevated it a little to help it drain; I think one seedling might be still alive. The other two are crunchy to the touch.
    I couldn't tell you what the medium in the plus are though. They're like some sort of cube of organic compound.

    I might as well pull at least the other two tonight and start some replacements. Thanks for the help so far

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  6. I start them in wet paper towels
    and once sprouted, move to a sandy soil...
    Then you can figure it out from there...
    and you'll have draining soil...

  7. I don't know bro. Never seen styrofoam starter plugs. Might not be organic or organic would of been plastered on the side of whatever they came in. One of the most common mistakes is doing to much. Lighten up on the watering, you'll get it figured out. Take this as a learning experience and build on that.

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