think i have bipolar disorder.. what do i do

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  1. So this year has been pretty fucking tough for me.. I've been having lots of different emotional troubles and i thought it was mainly from smoking weed until one of my friends that has some of the same problems as me told me that she has bipolar disorder.. now i thought to myself, i could never be bipolar.. but that thought changed when i read the symptons of bipolar .. all the symptons fit me and now I'm starting to think that i really am bipolar... im sort of scared and worried, i don't know what i should do. i still live with my momma and i can't picture myself telling her im bipolar. and im worried that if i do really have bipolar im going to be put on some pills that will fucking ruin me.. help GC?
  2. well we honestly cant help you too much here, us not being doctors and all, but i would suggest to ask your doctor for the symptoms and a diagnosis the next time you go?
  3. Go to a psychiatrist. GC isn't the place to ask about these things
  4. Is grass city's new theme "Self diagnose myself with something I dont have then post about it"
  5. Doctor's office... go to one
  6. exactly what i thought
  7. well being buds4u2nv- m.d

    you should..

  8. They can't force you to take pills, as long as you can find healthy and non-detrimental ways to get out the tensions that may build up due to being a little (or a lot) bi-polar.

    I myself have a lot of bi-polar tendencies and severe depression. I take no meds, at all, ever. I just enjoy myself and lean on my support group for help when it gets really bad. And it does, a lot.

    Go to a doctor.

  9. It sounds like you have recently had a difficult time. I hope things improve for you.

    Bipolar is not something to be afraid of, but your fear is very understandable.

    Maybe medication is best for you, maybe not. Most pills associated with treating issues like this don't have really drastic side effects, and will probably help you feel a lot better in many ways.

    But those are issues best discussed with a doctor. Have you considered seeing a doctor about this? That's who could really help you. In addition you may find a bit of therapy also very helpful. In combination these can do wonderfulthings.

  10. dont take prescription pills

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