think i have a lady :) pic included

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  1. think my plants are starting to pre flower... one at least :)
    can this be a lady????

  2. Yes indeed you have a lady
  3. yes yes indeed yung grasshoppa
  4. Seems to be some stress in your plant from what I've read the redish color in stems
  5. maybe.... it's my first grow... :confused:  :confused_2:
    doing my best  :bongin:
  6. Not at all. That plant looks healthy and happy. Red stripes on stems and petioles is genetic, nothing else.
    A red stem from stress or nutrient imbalance would be the entire stem reddening, not a stripe.
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    Thats totally normal. A lot of young leaf stems come out reddish in color and sometimes turn all green or green with red stripes.
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    Thanks for the info 😀
    My plants are big bud...
    I have 8 in total... This was the first one to show sex... Nothing still on the remaining 7...
    Going to do 1more week veg 18/6 to see if some male shows up...
    Then going 12/12 for flowering...
  9. My very first indoor grow I started with 12 regular seeds and got 6 males and 6 females. What I noticed was that the males were the ones that grew bigger faster then the females and showed sex before the females.
  10. I too have noticed this. My most aggresively growing plants have been males.
    It makes sense too. Females want to be fertilized as soon as they're sexually mature. In order for that to happen, the males need to be giving off pollen as soon as the females come into maturity. Which means they need to mature earlier. Which means they need to grow faster.
    I always keep a close eye on very fast growing plants, and check for preflowers every single day once it's around time to flip.
  11. Hope u are right😃 because the plant in the pic is my biggest one and also the first to show sex... Mayb they are all females 😜😜😜😜
  12. Yep. Thats also one reason why I either go with just clones or femeized seeds. Not long ago I had 2 feminized seeds of Island Sweet Skunk and they were about $20.00 a pop and one went straight up male. I was a little pissed but even with feminized seeds its not a 100% gaurentee. Out of probably 50 or so feminized seeds I have grown out that was a first.
  13. Feminized seeds aren't a guarantee because they're unnatural. Females are turned hermie using chemical methods, then bred with themselves. The resulting seeds, while usually female, do have a tendency to hermie under stress.
    I use regular seeds because I like to keep genetic diversity intact as much as possible, so that when I find a good plant, I know I can reliably use it in future breeding programs without worrying about hermie tendencies.
    I also don't buy seeds because I have more than enough bagseeds, and I know there's some keepers in there.
  14. Yeah its not a gaurentee either way but it does increase your chances of getting a female. Out of the 50+ feminized seeds I only got one male so for me that saves time and money. Out of over 150 plants grown from a combination of feminized seeds or clones from feminized plants I had only one plant that partialy hermied on me. It was weird because the whole plant didn't hermie just one short 12 inch branch near the top of the plant hermied the rest of the plant stayed female.
  15. Yep, heard of that too.
    My main reason for using regular seeds is genetic diversity. When two plants are crossed, both contribute their genetic material to make a seed. This seed has the genetic information from both parents, thus preserving both parents' genes.
    Feminized seeds only contain DNA from a single plant. It's missing half the genetic information of a normal seed. Then if you breed with this seed, the next plant will be missing that information too. Continue down the line and some genetic information will inevitably be lost forever.
    Since studying organic farming methods, I've realized diversity is everything. The less diverse an ecosystem is (or genetic *possibilties* in this case), the less healthy that system is. Removing genetic information reduces the health of the plants involved.
    Some of that is just my point of view, but something to think about.
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  17. Yeah that's why of your going to be breeding always go with regular seeds. But if your just growing for bud and want to increase your chances of getting females feminized seeds can save time and money. Its all personal preference.

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