Think I got an understanding on growing now, does this sound okay? Plz help

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by blacklabel, Apr 25, 2003.

  1. I've never grown any or even thought about it much but I started reading this forum and got interested. Then I just went threw like months and months of posts learning and stuff.

    I live in the UP of Michigan in a kind of rural part. I got 5 acres in the back of my house. There's a lot of fielded area and then a very large woods area. However it's rgith next to all these other peoples so I guess it is possible people are back in the woods but the chance of them actually seeing it seem very slim.

    - I would probably have to find a clearing to plant them in?
    - Growing in buckets hanging from trees? Does this work any better than just on the ground?
    - Can I still plant them? The thing is, it's pretty cold still. At night it gets down to 25-30 degrees even, but I think it will be warming up pretty soon, like 40-50 at night.
    - I just got a bag today. There's some seeds, can I just use these??
    - SHould I germinate them in wet paper towels, then plant in pot indoors then transfer outside or can I just germinate then outdoors?
    - THis shit takes a long time eh? Like if I did it now would I wouldn't have it till like December?? It'll be fuckin winter in like Nov!
    - How tall do they got to get and how much weed do I get???

    Thanks for any answers!!!

  2. #1 - find a place where polkberries grow, that will be all the sun you will need.
    #2 - Buckets are OK, but they need more attention
    #3 - Too cold. Wait till Wal MArt brings in all the veggies and tomatoes for sale.
    #4 - Bag seed are cheap and easy to start out with.
    #5 - Yes, start indoors and then move out
    #6 - Yes a long time, harvest outdoors right before the first frost in Sept or OCt if you are lucky.
    #7 - All different sizes. up to 6 feet tall
  3. im thinking of growing also, when u start post pictures in a journal, i wanna see ur grow :)

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