Think you remember the moment when...

Discussion in 'General' started by ghostonvacation, May 4, 2012.

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    You realized your parents were not invincible?
  2. Interesting topic. Unfortunately I do. It's probably
    The most depressing thought, especially when you have only one parent.
  3. Well, when I was 14-ish I thought they were blithering idiots. Took me a few years to realize that they are just human.........

  4. I know what you mean man, took me a few years to realize they were fallible as well
  5. I was honestly disappointed by this discovery
  6. Around 16 I thought they were very dumb.
  7. I never thought my parents were invincible. I rarely spent much time with 'em. Funniest thing was seeing how scared my Dad was of Hornets and Wasps. I remember running into the garage one day when one was chasing us. I'm still scared of those fuckin things.
  8. I do, and it wasn't anything which got me upset.

    I remember when I realized how poor we were, that kind of sucked.
  9. THUS, beginning my plan of EXTERMINATION!
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    My mom is invincible.

    Maybe you guys don't have parents who own good size companies..

    But for real.. I don't fux with mom.

    My mom is aware. Cunning. And manipulative.

    She's not Anti-Marijuana though.. Thank goodness.

    I'm living on my own btw I moved out after she gave me 6 weeks to move out. Which she did because I had a job n shit so she declared me capable of leaving the nest.

  11. Sounds like your mom has it goin' on :cool:

  12. She definatly nailed parenting.

    Wouldn't change a thing if I could.

  13. :bolt:
  14. Yeah first time my Dads blood pressure shot so high he fainted and started bleeding out his nose really bad. Luckily he has it under control now but still an eye opening moment.
  15. [quote name='"westTexasPine"']Vagina juice[/quote]

    Epic troll

  16. Far from epic.

    Generic troll. Saw him another thread posting stupid shit.
  17. On a roll there ain't ya guy?
  18. Hold it!

  19. This your first time high man?
  20. [quote name='"ghostonvacation"']

    This your first time high man?[/quote]

    It seems like he's having alot of fun

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