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  1. What's up? YES i just took a huge hit off my bong and another 2 bowls on my bat. Feeling a little Hiiigh you know:smoke:

    Ight this might be a little boring for people but here it goes... think about this.... During the olden days like the midevil times knights used bow and arrows. But then at the same time indians used bow and arrows to hunt. Both cultures had the exact same weapon but had never met! Seeing as the first ship over here was like in the 14 hundreds.

    Im gonna go hit my bat. What do you guys think?:smoke:
  2. knights used swords, and rarely crossbows. archers used bows. different classes of solider. So what if they never met, is this supposed to blow my mind?
  3. if i was blown as tits id probably have more interest in tihnking about this. someone whos stoned answer this mans question!
  4. my question is if they both discovered the technology all on their own or was it learned from one source
  5. i'm blazed as fuck, (just rolled a .6g s.diesel joint, and that makes alot of sense right now.
  6. when you read that thing it all makes sense haha :smoke:
  7. they emailed the blueprints to eachother.... duh

    some people just don't think when they're high
  8. they probably had people show off their more advanced weapons, until everyone owned the new invention. i am ripped right now as well...this is my guess
  9. The bow and arrow is a ridiculously old invention. It's possible that it was invented before people even went to the Americas, and the predecessors of the natives simply brought it with them when they migrated there.

    I guess it's also possible that it was invented twice. It's not an especially complex device, after all.
  10. if it was knights versus indians its no contest.

    the knights got shields and shit.
  11. knights had armor too lol.... i mean if i imagine a knight fighting an indian i think

    *clink* *clink*
    Knight: i have armor
    Indian: Shit...
    Knight: You dont.

    knight ftw.
  12. well youre right ezav, but im sure there were a few battles where the indians owned the knights because they are quicker and probably know their homeland. i think that the indians invented it first, and the midevial knights just used theose crossbows
  13. That's because it was a simple idea that worked.

    Anthropology people! c'mon!
  14. if you give two different separate people a rubber band, eventually they'll both launch it.

    Think about it. well. maybe not. im not sure if it makes sense right now lol.
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    yeah its a pretty obvious example of convergent cultural evolution.

    Although if bows and arrows were first in use during the time of human migration when we were in the Kazakhstan region then it'd be considered a seed technology since using genetic evidence it can be shown that all European, Asian, Australian, Polynesian and American peoples emigrated from that region. I'm pretty sure all these people used bows and arrows...
  16. I think that'd be a pretty epic fight though. Especially with the Indian's guerilla warfare tactics.
  17. Very awesome explanation, Palmer!

    Once again you have outdone me. :hello:
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    haha :p

    good explanation palmer +rep

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