think about piercing my ear

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  1. Im thinking about getting my ear pierced, Iv wanted to get it done for a while. just had a question for all you piercers out there. If I get my ear pierced this week how long do you think it will take to get up to a 0 gauge?
  2. 6 weeks.
  3. A few months after its full healed if you want to do it right. You can do it in a few weeks if you want to hurry it.

    Don't get it done with a piercing gun either, very unsanitary and un accurate. Always get hand pierced.
  4. yup, i did mine myself its not that hard....just get a needle, cut an apple in half, heat the needle up with a lighter to make it clean.....put the half apple behind your ear and boom, you got a hold in your ear.
  5. I'm sorry, but I really can't recommend it any way other than professional.

    Any other way is unsanitary and just nasty to me.
  6. needles you buy at the store are just as clean, but if you wanna pay the money (its only like 5 bucks) to get it done just as clean, just as fast, just as easy then go ahead.
  7. im stretching mine to 10mm i've had it almost a month now n i got it done professionally they said to start stretching around 1 month to 1 month and a half after u get it pierced, after u start stretching i'd recommend going slowly say like a couple of weeks go up a 1mm that way u cant split ur ear and it will heal much nicely and if or when u dont want it u can take it out n it will heal back to normal alot nicer unlike if u rush it will not heal and look like a cats pussy lol
  8. Not trying to be a davy downer...

    But why would y'all want to mutiliate your ears ?
  9. Shits and giggles.

    Personal experssion or just because of how it looks. Same reason people buy jewelry and get tattoos.
  10. cool

    my ears are a 00. the healing time is diffrent for everyone. the younger/healthier you are the faster it will be. But take your time, don't get in a hurry. when your done streching you will get kinda sad its done so take your time and enjoy it... i'm sure that sounds weird. And a lot of problems can come from streching too fast, like scar tissue and assists.
  11. If I do it my self were should I get the needle? I read that you should first get your ear pierced to an 18 or 16 gauge is this true?
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    an 18 is practically a sewing needle... Thats what i used to pierce my ear about 4 times now.... just make sure you sterilize everything.... Wait for the initial piercing to heal up really good before you start gauging then give each gauge about 2 weeks or until you think its healed up enough...I heal fast so i got mine up to 4's in a month then I decided i liked my 8's and 10's better.. I have one 8 plug in the lobe and a couple milimeters up I have a 10 plug. It looks pretty good.

    Btw just ice your ear make it numb and do it. Dont be a baby it doesnt even hurt. If i can fit a 4 Claw into a 10 hole you can do it.

    Ps. Sorry for the shitty spelling im high as fuck
  13. I got mine pierced about 6years ago by my doctor at a check-up. It only cost like $5 and it healed within a week or two. I would reccomend this to anyone interested in piercings. All doctors probably don't do this, but if you can find one it is better than a self/gun piercing.
  14. damn i wish i was high as fuck right now lol, damn school

    what do i have to get to start guaging my ears? get both ears done or 1?
  15. Depends on your body,

    They usally take 6-8 weeks to get it to a 0
  16. Just go with one and see if you really want to do it...
    Mainly do what you think is cool not what other people do. Fuck other people be out for numero uno. Yourself.
  17. Gauges always make me think of this.


    I myself have had one 12 gauge piercing in my left ear lobe for 3 years now. I've never felt inclined to make it bigger
  18. Yeah your right, I just dont know how it would look with 2 thats why i ask.

    thats crazy, I guess he/she could put his food on that and have a plate were ever he/she goes
  19. You could always just get it pierced and gauged at the same time and save yourself a few weeks.
  20. if ur paitent then like a few months
    i rushed it and my ear tore but i kept goind and they are fine
    butttt not reccomending that
    use a taper they are faster

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