Things You should NEVER smoke out of...

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    I noticed there didn't happen to be an ongoing thread about this so I figured I'd start one as there are a number of things you should never smoke out of that I hear people using all the time.

    Raise your hand if you're interested in toxins, nerve-damage, lung damage, metal poisoning or any other lovely affliction! Yeah.. I thought so :) hehehehe

    Things that are OK to smoke from...

    When all possible, smoke from glass. It's the most inert material you can use that won't add anything at all to your smoke. Bud smoked from glass also passes on all the flavor. (Disgusting if you're smoking brickweed. Heh)

    Clean Brass (Should be medical grade brass but usually never is)
    The brass pipe is one of the least harmful ways to smoke as long as the brass is clean of any oxidation and not too impure. A layer of resin helps stop the metallic taste and probably cut down on the amount of impurities that get vaped at low temps.

    I've smoked joints for years. Lately I can't hack the paper and blunt papers just make the roach taste like so much hashed over Sh*t! Makes me hack just thinking about it. (Please don't taint good MJ with tobac. Unless it's brickweed I consider it a sin of sorts)

    Don't Know about these....

    Ok.. this one I don't know about. As far as I know Titanium is one of the lightest and most heat resistant materials commonly used in the space industry. I've seen a few items crafted with tta lately and I've been curious if anyone knows the toxicity or lack of for this metal?

    Another highly heat resistant material that is also inert when made with no impurities. How likely is that? ;)

    Things not to smoke from...

    Plastic bongs are barely acceptable in my book. If they have a plastic bowl, skip it and you'll thank yourself. Don't even think about scraping resin from plastic either. *Gack!* Highly toxic even in small amounts.

    Heated copper out-gasses some seriously bad fumes. Highly toxic with additional dangers, depending on where it came from. It's all bad so stay away!

    Yes, I too have smoked from a can in a pinch and dabbled with foil pipes as a kid. I seriously don't recommend them as you're inhaling vaporized aluminum and, again, whatever impurities are in it from wherever it came from.
    Don't use the aluminum one-hitters, bowls or anything aluminum and unless you have hundreds of thousands of dollars in equipment to remove all the "Bic Lighter" vaporizeable material from a homemade tinfoil screen.... try to avoid them(of course with that kind of cash you could just have a few screens from the local headshop 'Coptered' in for ya)

    That includes those cheapo nickel plated bowls you buy for brass pipes. Why no nickel? Look at where it comes from and see what impurities are in it. Nickel crap is mass produced at low cost without any restrictions on impurities at all. They're sold as NOVELTY items.

    I don't recommend it. Can anyone come up with any better reasons? I'd post them here for sure.

    Feel free to chime in and give specifics as to why these are. Anything to stop people without the correct information poisoning themselves slowly (or quickly) using the wrong materials to smoke from.

    Did I miss any? :)

    GROW ON!

  2. I believe aluminum is ok because the lighters dont burn at a high enough temperature, notice how you can put aluminum in the oven at the highest temperature and take it with your hand?
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  3. foil will always be used, its way too crucial in most ghetto-rig situations haha

    definitely some good advice though man
  4. steel is safe to smoke out of.....aluminum causes alzheimers...dont smoke aluminum.
  5. actually concentrated heat from a torch lighter can vaporize aluminum, a bic can not, so most of the time you're reasonably ok, never use it tho if your forced to use a torch
  6. do you think aluminum for a screen on waterfalls is that bad? The lighter is only there for a second and then it is cherried so it is not so hot. I always put really finely ground bud in my waterfalls so I need something for a screen, and the closest thing to a headshop around me is a cigar shop and they dont sell real screens.
  7. not PVC. Ever. even using it as a tube for a bong. the smoke still takes off deadly toxins from the walls. bad idea.
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  8. when i was in high school i smoked gbs out of plastic all the time and never got sick
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    First time i puffed down we used a coke can. Later found out from a physician that when you use an aluminum can, like you said there are vapors that you inhale but they are microscopic sized shards that can cause you lungs to bleed if you use it too often. So think about that next time before you use a can.:smoke:

    Edit: you would have to do this continually for a while though to really cause any significant lung damage or bleeding
  10. Personally I would limit my use of that due to the steel collar. That IS brass on top, yes?

    There are many things in life that are bad for you that you:

    -Can't taste
    -Can't smell
    -Won't notice harmful effects for years from

    And many other cute and cuddly toxic things.

    Don't ever take anyone else's word for something being safe either. I've known individuals that found no problem frying eggs in axle grease so... hey.

    GROW ON! :)
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  11. as long as you change the screen very often, like daily (if you smoke like that). at max 3 bowls if they cherry. as soon as you seen brown or black on the foil ditch it.
  12. Everyone has their own thoughts... I appreciate the diversity.

    Personally I don't recommend foil and never will. *shrug*

    You may not be able to tell the difference but I have AS and am hyper sensitive. I smoke out of aluminum for one day (being careful like yourself) and I can still feel the metallic effects on my throat.

    Talk to someone who works with nano metals at high temp... (think the edges of the foil and around holes you poke) you may not notice it but you're definitely inhaling vaporized aluminum if you're using foil. Even brand new.

    Same for brass only much less. (I still don't like brass but use it quite a bit)
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    exactly, if you have something other than a BIC lighter, such as a butane lighter, THEN you should not use aluminum. but a regular BIC lighter doesn't get hot enough to do anything to the aluminum foil.
  14. i think this thread should be edited to include details of why not to use each of these and then stickied. it doesnt really set in if u tell people "no" w/o giving them a reason.

    stainless steel for instance, why? from my understanding its perfectly safe, its not as good as glass for reasons like taste and aesthetic but how is it dangerous?

    same with nickel. and why would titanium be any less safe then steel? just bc there are pipes arising made out of them doesnt mean its safe, especially since there a loads of other metal (steel) that already exist and if theyre not safe why is titanium? bc its a neater sounding, new age material?
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  15. Well I dont know about anyone else but I'll smoke MY weed in whatever I want.Its ALL personal preferance.
  16. You probably shouldn't smoke out of anything made from asbestos as well. Also, don't smoke out of anything containing tiny glass or fiber glass particles.
  17. Yeppers! And... that will be your attitude for hrmmm... another 10 years or so, I would expect. :)

    Everything I say is just my own preferences and experiences and opinions as well and though I'm not going to come by and force anything on you, I'll definitely be glad you read this thread. Thanks :)

    p.s. If ya ever get on a steady diet of high quality medical... ya kinda lose your taste for all those huge smoke devices you used for years. Not really necessary anymore when just a pinch will whack your head nice and evenly. :) (Know what I mean?)
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  18. No.. I really don't, and that makes me just a little sad haha.
  19. Why the fuck is titanium on there? Who has random pieces of titanium lying around that they would use to smoke out of?
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