things you say right before you light up

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  1. what im talking about is (referencing pineapple express) when they light the crossjoint he says " aaanndd..blastoff"

    like, "gentleman, starrrtt yourr engines"
    or sometihng, idk ive been:bongin:
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    Edit - I change my answer to this:
  3. "well, here goes nothin."
  4. Aaaahhhhhh yeeeaaaaaahhhhh
  5. Alot of times I tend to inhale the un-lite joint to taste the aroma of the weed I guess you could say which is often followed by

    "mhm.. good shit."

    "eww... whatever."

    "tastes like ass but whatever."
  6. lets go to mars duddeeee
  7. Before i don't usually have a a word, but sometimes ive noticed i said " Tikki torch dat bitch"
    Then after, "ii... Think fairies have burrowed their way into my gums."
  8. "wwwwweeeeerddddddddddddddd"
  9. spark that shit
  10. Well i guess all start my T break tomorrow...
  11. I'm goin in
  12. Fire in the hole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. alright roldy, lets do this shit! :D
  14. fuuuuuuckkk yeaaaaaa
  15. ASS IN THE BLENDER!!!!!! lol
  16. I don't say anything pre-spark, but usually when I realize I'm high, I say something along the lines of "I'm there" or "I've arrived."
  17. one more won't do much, right?
  18. "When in Rome!"

    "Well, that's my momma!"

    I enjoy dumb little irrelevant phrases that are amusing to recite before I spark up.
  19. "Yeaaaa,muthafuckaaa"

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