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Things you say during sex.

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by RecStoner, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. Before sex when I was young it was. Do you fuck, well do you mind lying down while I have one? Some of the reactions was priceless and the ones that got upset. Was either up themself, or not sexually active or both.

    During sex, there are the usual pleasurable moans etc. The quick discussion of what the next position will be and probably the next. I would regularly check to make sure she is all good and especially if her pleasurable sounds stopped. As some women don't cope so well with a larger member inside them unless very wet. The wife and I have a safety word and if sounded. Stop immediately and attend to the issue or problem. I have always had problems with condoms breaking and only the largest can be used. I would have to make sure she was well wet, before doing anything really vigorous. Regularly I need to check the rubber, to ensure it has not moved or burst. The best way to avoid that is between every sexual position. Go down and eat pussy for all of what your life is worth. I read somewhere when I was young that pussy juice is really good for us. It's supposed to help the immune system work better, provided she is healthy and without any infection.
    After sex, I would tell her how beautiful she is and a totally awesome shag. I would also ask when the next time is likely to be and check if there is time for another round. When I kept myself ultra fit, it was 10-20 minutes relaxing together and I was standing at attention ready to go. If it was sex with my wife, I'd make sure she knew that she was the only one and how I fell about her. If it has not been done already during sex. If it was obvious that it was time to move on until a later date. I wanted to know if there is anything I can do to help. I'd swear that she had written a list and I might as well get on with it. Especially if it got us both back to being ready for more intimacy.
  2. My boyfriend never says anything... He grunts sometimes especially when he enters me..

    I say: fuck, uhh, you feel so good, I want you inside me, harder, baby, ahhhhhhh, I'm going to cum, I'm cumming.

    I really wish my boyfriend would talk dirty... It'd probably turn me on a fuck-ton. BUT I did tell him to spank me and he likes doing that:)
  3. hahaha ive said some weird shit during sex before. hahaha w. one of my last ex's she wanted to dirty talk, and i took it over to top lmfao.

    but i have been known to tell my ladies to shut the fuck up during sex. sometimes i just cant get off knowing some dumb bitch is under me, its best when theyre moanin.
  4. I'm ready Gareth....... do a poo

  5. I kind of like it when a guy tells me to shut up or to be quiet.. when my ex would put it in it would always hurt. So one time I could tell he was just going to shove it in and not be gentle at all so I was like "go slow first." He doesn't answer, but I can still see he looks like he's going to shove it in so I was like "baby, go slow first. Its gonna hurt." He just looks at me with a blank face says "shut up" and starts trying to put it in and I move away and I told him again "go slow baby." He said "shut up" again and then just shoved it in.

    It hurt, but I liked it and it turned me on so much!

    If a guy were to tell me to "shut the fuck up" or to say "shut the fuck up you stupid bitch" (slut would also work) and then he slapped my ass or covered my mouth or shoved my face into the pillow I'd probably cum right then.

    To be clear though I don't want the guy to actually think I'm a stupid bitch or a slut... I just like to hear that shit when we're fuckin.
  6. ^ I just love how you think. :D
  7. i say absolutely everything and anything you could imagine. talking dirty is a huge necessity during sex. it takes like half the fun out of it if you cant call your girl whatever you want
  8. oh where have you been all my life? :wave:
    use to say stuff like that to my ex all the time "shut up bitch and take this hard dick in that tight wet pussy."

    i always enjoyed the moments before i or my ex would cum, when she was just about to cum she'd tell me "oh fuck baby im about to cummm i want you to cum with me, i want you to cum deep inside of my pussy." orgasming together is such a different experience.

    yeah... we had some great chemistry. :D
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    I've been right here. I love that shit! Especially if they say that and then do something after.. ya know, slap my ass, grab my tits, cover my mouth, shove my face in the pillow, pull my hair.
    Yes please!

    hmmm, are you sure we haven't dated? I use to say almost the exact same thing to my ex when I was about to cum... I'd say "mmmm fuck baby, I'm about to cum I want you to cum with me, I want you to cum in my wet little pussy"

    Ahhhh, I miss the days when I could be a nasty little cum slut for my dude. :(

    haha, and I love how you think :hello:
  10. mhmmm what about biting your neck and scratching you up? i love doing that and having it done to me. oh man when my ex use to bite and suck on my neck out of the blue id start moaning and breathing heavy it turned me on so much!!! ... i have a vampire fetish :D

    i wish we dated :devious::devious::devious:
  11. Does he curl his toes too?
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    I love it! I like biting.. if I'm really into it I always end up sucking and biting my dudes neck. And when I'm on top I ALWAYS end up scratching up the dudes chest. I'm always suprised after when I see the scratch marks. But they never bite me or scratch me, shit they hardly even slap my ass and NEVER choke me :(

    I know! We would have had A LOT of fun! :p
  13. We would be perfect, I'd call you every name in the book.

  14. Oh I know you would, ya freak:devious::p lol
  15. Apparently I have a really blank stare so I always have to tell them I'm enjoying it. Not fun
  16. Body language is in my opionion the strongest tone in can think of. There is nothing better then two people grinding together enjoying the passion of the flesh
  17. Your sister was tighter.
  18. Jokes on you you're related. lol
  19. "Your pussy is incredible"

    "I love fucking you raw"

    "Bout to come"

    "I'm making you, wet huh"


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