Things you say during sex.

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  1. I am looking to see what you people have said to your partner during sex. True words actually spoken.

    I've called her

    Whore, My Whore, Slut and have also mentioned various things to do with swinging.

    FYI: These are part of our play nothing to do be disrespecting her.
  2. I wouldn't know...


  3. O, u too? :mad::cool:
  4. Idk if I could call a girl I was banging a whore, that just seems a little much.

    I'm not really a dirty talker though
  5. "do you like my cock inside you, oh yea do you like it, what's my name, your pussy is so warm"....yea shit like that but that's bout it my girl is the one who has a lot to say though lol I love it though.
  6. Normal sex things? o_O
    A lot of f bombs and begging. Baby, master, daddy, sir. Yes. God.
    This thread seems like it would get a lot of repetitive answers.
  7. Idk most of the time I don't say anything but I'm about to bust
  8. Stick your fist in my asshole you filthy whore!!!
  9. Time to drain this dragon on that beautiful face of yours. Say Aw.
  10. "Wait, what's your name again?"
  11. My ex and I were kind of into dirty talking, but it ultimately depended on the kind of sex we were having. If we were being emotional, we'd say emotional things, and if we were fucking we'd say dirty things. Sometimes the dirty talking could be quite hot, other times it wouldn't come out right and we'd just laugh and melt into one another.

    All in all it didn't really matter because we were comfortable and spontaneous in bed, so it was never a dull moment.
  12. I am going to make you my slut.
  13. Lick your pussy juice off my dick..

    Such a good girl
    Fuck your mouth feels good
    you like my finger in your ass?

    It goes on and on lol I like vocalist ion shit is hot
  14. Shit on my chest.
  15. LMAO ur pussy is so warm.......^.^ awks :p

  16. I love to hear begging..I get hard a hell
  17. [quote name='"Streetsaint"']

    LMAO ur pussy is so warm.......^.^ awks :p[/quote]

    Lol hey man some girls like that talk, if it makes them happy it makes me happy
  18. Tell her to look at you when she is cums.

    If you don't know how to make her it.
  19. [quote name='"buddahtoker"']

    Lol hey man some girls like that talk, if it makes them happy it makes me happy[/quote]

    Girls like when you tell them they have tight pussies

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