things you love about sex

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  1. i love when your so on point from behind pussy WETTED you swear your gonna crack her spleen

    also competing for dominance, that shit is hot

    what about you

  2. This. I love when I'm getting ready to turn a girl over and she throws me back on the bed and keeps at it.

    That's when you throw your hands behind your head, watch the view, and take it all in. Damn I cant wait to get back to the states and get laid.

  3. Gay sex but sex nonetheless...

    I love when my bottom blows his load without touching his dick as I pound him doggy. Hell yeah.

    Enjoy that image ;)

  4. dude wtf
  5. I did ;)

  6. so hard for me to believe this can even happen

  7. [​IMG]
  8. cummin, spreading my seed
  9. but ill confess i like to make out when im having sex. IDK something about sloppying eachother while fucking is hot.
  10. I love creampies. :)
  11. Stick something up your ass then ;)
  12. Being fucked senseless. Watching his face when he fucks me with my legs on his shoulders. Looking down and seeing his face buried in my pussy. When he's slapping my ass or tits and choking me. When he pulls me towards him and I feel him cum deep in my pussy and then I feel his dick throb as he's cumming. Ughhhh I want him now.
  13. the soft and squooshie, oooshie goooshie water fountain drippin with love
  14. Swallowing cum
  15. i like fucking her pussy and then sticking my dick in her asshole causing a prolapse
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     i love it when a big tit gurl rides me as her big tits are slappin me in da face .. i also luv havin her legz in da air if she has a sexy pedicure ...
  17. Mostly how her tits feel like bags of sand.
  18. Wet pussy making that squishy sound as I pound them and they moan and bounce on me......goddamn I need to get some! :cool:
  19. kissing, sucking, touching, blowing, eating (out), rubbing, spanking, dirty talking, smacking, licking, biting
  20. doing doggystlye and having her cum first. fucking the shit out of her after she cums/until i cum. usually makes her whimper like a little asian girl or something you hear out of pornos. then shes too sore to take it in the pussy again so i get to fuck her mouth or fuck her ass.

    i guess hearing her whimper and squeal during sex is the best. makes you have more confidence ;)

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