things you have done that should have gotten you locked up

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  1. anyone wanna tell some bad stuff they have done that should have gotten them put in jail?....this should be some good stories

  2. *heavy sigh*
    I did steal the cookie from the cookie jar. I was never suspected and I passed the blame to someone else, but the guilt still haunts me to this day. 
  3. how much time did you serve or did the judge put you on probation?

    did the cookie wanna press cookienapping charges?
  4. I jaywalk all the time.
  5. I joked about doing something terrible and people took me seriously and reported me to the police.
  6. Oh wait, that just something that could happen in this thread.
  7. I have never done anything bad in my life..except get high..maybe give a few people the middle finger, that's about it
  8. Hmm...nothing I've ever done warrants getting locked up.  Whether the FDA agrees with me or subjective.  xD
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    Well I killed it by eating it alive, so no. 
  10. "i killed it by eating it"..a dead cookie tells no tales...I do hope you got rid of the crumbs the cookie police could use them as evidence against you ...

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