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Things You Hate

Discussion in 'Movies' started by rollinjoints, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. What are things you hate about the movie industry?

    I'll go first. I can't stand reboots. I feel like they're cheap ways to collect money without creating original content. I hate superhero movies. It was cool when Spiderman did it, now it is just getting annoying. I hate huge CGI set pieces that try to awe the audience. It gets old fast. I hate apocalyptic movies. They're cliche. I hate PG-13 and under comedies. They're corny. And lastly, I hate romantic comedies. They're almost always bad.
  2. hate:

    1.uninspired, unoriginal, leeching-off-of-old-franchise remakes like Texas Chainsaw 3D that just came out lol. but sometimes reboots aren't that bad, like Christopher nolan's Batman series. That was the best thing to ever happen to Batman movies.

    2. CGI mindless action clusterfucks like Transformers and Battleship where it's literally just absorbing people's attention span and make everybody dumb. it's brainwashing of the millennium.

    however I gotta say that I think superhero movies are cool when they are done right. so far I like the Avengers superhero movies. I think that would be a good example of lots of action that's done right and is fun (probably because it's not the only thing it has going for them). there's always gonna be bad movies in every genre though (looking at you green lantern, you ballsack of shit)

    uh, I guess that's all I can think of. and as I too hate romantic comedies but for ppeople like me out there, you should try the movie Silver Linings Playbook. I think it's the only romantic comedy that I like and probably ever will like, and that's saying something.

    and yeah you gotta seek that one out if your girlfriend didn't already drag you to it last year like mine.
  3. hate that they keep doing the same storylines over an hello
    I've seen that a fucking billion times
    different setting wow
    different actors oh greaaattt
    come on ppl,do something noone has ever done before!
    think outside the box..

    This is why I wanna be a writer, I could come up with much better shit to write about
    the only problem I have is getting it down on paper =\
  4. When I first heard they were going to shamelessly reboot Spiderman after only a couple of years of the original I was enraged. It isn't so much that I think Superhero movies can't be good, it's just at this point Hollywood is just churning endless Superhero movies. It's become a gimmick to get people to the movies. I miss the days when all the movies that came out were mildly original.
  5. do you mean reboot as in a remake of an original movie? i hate that. usually it ends up being horrible

    also hate horror movies with no originality

    action movies with a lack of story (aka abraham lincoln vampire hunter)

    i like movies you can tell have effort put into them
  6. I really cant stand over used cgi, especially in an action movie, I love choregraphy, squibs, wires like the real way to make action movies.
  7. Oh, most of horror movies suck these days.
  8. I hate American remakes of successful foreign films.
  9. I hate that every single trailer for a blockbuster movie gives away 90% of it's set pieces.

    I hate the use of CGI for things that can be done practically.

    I hate remakes of foreign movies.

    I hate institutions like the Oscars/BAFTA's etc
  10. I agree with this like 99%.

    however, that new evil dead remake dare I say looks pretty good for being a remake.

    [ame=]EVIL DEAD - Full Redband Trailer - In Theaters April 12th - YouTube[/ame]
  11. Yeah looks like it'll be awesome. Also, a good one that came out recently is Grave Encounters. One of the few horror movies these days that was pretty good.

  12. yeah I heard about this movie. never seen it though, so I guess I'll check it out sometime soon.
  13. Anything made, directed, produced, written, or even remotely looked at by Judd Apatow blows

    Overuse of CGI

    "Found footage" horror

    M. Night Shamalan or however you spell his name
  14. Judd Apatow makes and produces the best comedies man, the fuck you talkin' about. 40 Year Old Virgin, Anchorman, Superbad, Pinneaple Express etc... He makes the best comedies.
  15. I don't agree.
  16. Lol okay what kind of comedies do you prefer? Maybe I'm watching the wrong movies.
  17. I'm sure you're watching the right movies for your tastes.

    I'm just not a fan of post middle school potty and sex humor. Just not my thing.
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    Seconded. The dumb laughs and potty humour aren't what annoy me, it's that they always have to try have a sappy moral undertone and generally make me sick by the end.

    I did like Freaks & Geeks though, for the time at least.
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    There is truly only anywhere from 1-36 stories.

    Frequently Asked Reference Questions

    So I call bs on that. Only way would be to make a movie with no narrative structure and those usually suck.

    Also I agree with everything cookiecrisp said except the Apatow thing. I don't like all of his movies though.

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