Things you feel guilty about.

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  1. Post em here. Sorry if theres a thread already.

    Anyways I'll start. Basically when I was in grade 8, 9 and 10 I smoked weed but I was a successful student, good grades, I also had depression and felt terrible 24/7, nothing helped but weed helped my outlook on life (even when I wasn't stoned) and yeh helped me live. But anyways one day I finished a joint and was spraying deoderant and shit to cover it up and this girl saw me, some chick grade 11 whose mother knew my dad via a football club.

    Anyways I knew she knew I was stoned and I just kept walking along doing w/e. When I got home at like 6 PM my dad asked if I wanted to tell him anything 'no', he said someone from the football club told him I was smoking weed. This girl had done this twice, one I admitted to and this time I KNEW she was the one snitching (also saw her mum talking to my dad while i was at the football grounds)

    So yeah, I was SOOO angry. I couldn't beat the fuck out of her cuz shes a girl. So I thought i'd try something else. I asked my friend (lets call him X) X if he could help me out and sell me .5 a gram of coke cuz his mum dealed, he agreed but then he said he wanted to help me because he hated her and he was pissed at what she did. He needed money for something I forget what (long time ago) and I agreed to pay him 30 bucks to plant it on her and tell her office that she was dealing.

    He told me that he put some in her food so she tested possitive, I was pissed off at him for that but w/e anyway he said he wanted to remain anonymous but I got called up to the office and asked I said I wanted out of it but yes she offered me coke. Long story short the snitch got kicked out of school and went to juvi for a while, and I always feel terrible about it, it had such a negative impact on her life, she now (22-23) works a shit job laying bricks.

    yes i know, im a cunt :( okay gc, your turn to get it off your chest!
  2. Snitches get stitches..
  3. dude what the fuck, COKE!!! you could of just planted weed on her. now im depressed.
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    yeah i know thats why I feel bad. I was a stupid kid, at the time I was chuffed at what I'd done. But its also the fact I was boreder line getting kicked out of home at like 15 (parents are IDIOTS about weed) and that little bitch snitching on me was pissing me off I asked my friend he just said yeh ill plant something on her for 30 and I agreed.

    edit: I was close to being kicked out of home cuz id been busted with weed a few times. not anything like idk stealing or something, just to clear that up.
  5. yeah that wasnt good oh well karma is a bitch
  6. btw guys i posted this thread for everyone to get something off their chest, not just for everyone to say 'lolz yeh u shouldnt have done that etc. this was years ago and I feel terrible.
  7. you know what i'd like to get of my chest?
    man boobs!
    but seriously, i regret nothing.
  8. okay, well the only thing i can think of is when i two babies fight gladiators for a bottle. it was nothing major just alot of slow crawling and toothless bitting.
  9. +rep dude
    stupid bitch deserved it. Maybe you taught her to keep her nose out of other peoples` business.
  10. stealing.

    thats all i'll say for now.
  11. Holly shit that's terrible. Anyways, in the height of my mischief/tom foolery days I and 2 of my other friends peed in an empty gatoraid bottle and egged the shit out of a homeless guy, as well as threw the piss-bottle at him. It's actually the only thing I genuinely feel bad for.
  12. I killed a man.
  13. i regret my man boobs
  14. OP
    that is a crazy fuckin story, like some crooked cop shit
  15. I had sex with one of my bestfriends sister when I was younger. I havent talked to him or seen him after that.
  16. wow that story was super intense.

    anyways, i used to feel bad lying to my dad all the time because he trusts me and stuff and i used to get lunch money and i save it everday and get like 20 bucks a week for weed
    and i also used to steal from my grandparents, which is disgusting

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