Things you enjoy doing while high.

Discussion in 'General' started by themasterbaker, Apr 5, 2013.

  1. I enjoy some nice 90's rap or wiz and berner. I also like discussing politics. Wby?
  2. In the summer hiking, biking, or floating the river, pretty much anything outdoors. When it's cold and wet outside, there's nothing like sitting back and watching a movie/listening to music with friends. I tend to avoid talking politics, but I humor others if they're dying to hear my libertarian agenda lol.
  3. masturbating. smoking more weed. vaping more weed. music, music, and music. Counter Strike yea
  4. oddly enough. i love to clean when im baked if i smoke my house will be spotless b4 my high goes away
  5. I love chilling outside, listening to some Fleetwood Mac. Also, playing Temple Run Oz on my iPad because the graphics are incredible and fucking mind-blowing when I'm stoned. :smoking:
  6. Haha I feel yah on that
  7. Fucking!
  8. Me too lol
  9. Listen to Wiz! All day err day! You can get lost in his music very easily and just chill to the extreme. Chill with bros. eat. And play call of duty

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