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Things you don't like to see

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BabyMentality, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. Toke up and turn on the TV, what do I see? The Humane Society ad. :(
    So yeah, what kinda things do you avoid while :smoking:
  2. Horror movies and freaky things
  3. pedophiles hitting on kids
  4. In real life:
    Awkward situations.
    Police cars.
    Family members.
    Loud, obnoxious, pretentious people.

    On television:
    The 700 club/ christian donation channels.
    Really bad reality television (Jersey Shore, MTV/E! type shows)

    Oh, I fucking HATE those, "Are YOU or any LOVED ONES on the medication insert any over the counter drugs here? If so, they may be ENDANGERED and might be FILLED WITH CANCEROUS BULLSHIT," type commercials. They always have the eeriest music and sound fucking creepy.
  5. Police, for one.
    And gay porn, but hey, its the internet what do you expect?
  6. wow. in the time it took me to upload that pic of police 2 people already mentioned it :(
  7. Cops kill my high, but I hate annoying ass people when you just finished smoking. Like the people who yell and scream and act like they just snorted 5 kilos.
  8. People act dead?
  9. Programmes with operations or blood, can't watch that shit high

  10. Your sig creeps me out.

  11. they look like the shadow people. It's a common hallucination actually. It's experienced by lots of people who stay up or who are on stims. There's a bunch of conspiracies involving them as well I think.
  12. Jesus dude, where do you go to hang out?
  13. Well - when I'm stoned I TRY to avoid contact/conversations with my parents...they know I do it every now and then, but they're not that happy about it...besides, you've got to try and concentrate enough to 1) understand what they're saying and 2) answer back without appearing stoned or saying something crazy...

    Also, if I can help it I'd rather not go out...ok, sometimes it can be cool but most times I'd rather not feel drunk whilst going out and walking around
  14. i hate to see an empty stash jar...
  15. Any videos my friend John sends me. They're usually extremely graphic; the last one I watched was some people being massacred in Syria (citizens) and this dude's whole lower jaw was missing, tongue flopping around. The horror...
  16. IRL I avoid confrontations and drama, although this applies all the time, just more so when I'm high.

    I also avoid music about shitty things usually. I can usually enjoy Eminem (note I don't like rap or hip hop), but when I'm high, I can't, cause he is almost always rapping about some shit that is bad. I don't wanna listen to music about bad things...

    And I usually avoid straight pron haha

  17. Yeah, I looked it up and I'm even more fucking creeped out now.

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