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Things you do that nobody knows about, Until now

Discussion in 'General' started by T.H.C-ERRRDAY, Oct 26, 2008.

  1. Actually it is pretty normal. I know plenty of people who have thoguhts like this, including me.

    Tbh, i feel as if i one day will act upon these thoughts/feelings but most of the time they are unrealistic. Like killing my friends GF with a toothpick, just stabbing thousands of times.
  2. I can't sit still in a movie theater, I'm always moving around in my seat haha

  3. do you hover?
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    I can't see signatures since Im on Droid app,

    But I wanna put this as a sig anyway....

    That cool?
  5. I think you're abnormal if you DON'T think about killing people at least once in a while. It's a primal instinct, I mean, we are just animals after all...I think about killing all the time haha. I'm a morbid sociopath though so meh :confused_2:
  6. I must be abnormally normal, or is that normally abnormal. Very confusing.
  7. cool with me man
  8. yes i do hover. since a very young age too.
  9. I never really washed my body in the shower until I was like 18. :laughing:
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    Shit, brah.. You too?
  11. I'd always wondered who was pissing over everything. Guess we know now.
  12. I always have to slap oven mitts against my knees before I put my hands in because Im afraid there might be spiders in them
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    I do that with my boots. Onetime I stuck my foot in and crunched a pregnant tarantula. Then like thousands of little ones burst out and started crawling up my legs

    The next day I had so many little spider bites on my body and some little spiders crawling on my legs and hair and bed. Im scared of them nestling in my ear when I'm sleeping or something

  14. now i have to do this with my shoes :mad:
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    Fucking nightmares.................


  16. That's actually the most proper and healthy way to do it. I've been thinking about starting to do that.

  17. uh yeah,,, me too :hide:
  18. I do the same in a car. lol
  19. i have to put socks on before i put pants on or else it feels weird. i've noticed it applies more to jeans.

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