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Things you can't do for the life of you when you're high

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by justind16, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. Does anyone have a bunch of things they can't do that they normally can, but can't when they're high?
  2. I cant read books at all, I just zone out. I also can't socialize among people who I'm not really close to.. I end up just staring at their face and muttering random words every so often
  3. Hold onto a damn lighter!
  4. Haha I can't do any of those things. Since I smoke outside, I come in to wash my hands and spend 30 mins doing it, then open the fridge and sit down on the floor deciding what to eat
  5. Math

  6. Play online... hahahaha
    Pretty much anything that isn't driven by pleasure, hunger or sleep. Hahahaha
  7. Zip a damn zip lock bag. Shit is haaarrrd.
  8. I think the only thing that I'd really want to be sober for is a public speech. I could be baked for nearly anything else
  9. Yea reading or doing math sucks i just start thinking of random things id rather be doing
  10. For sure reading, my mind wanders a lot. I just forget what I read 2 lines ago and can't remember what the fuck I'm trying to understand about the writing.
  11. Running! When I'm sober I'm can run miles nonstop, when I'm high I can probably run 1/4 a mile before I have to take a break.
  12. speak properly - I always mumble my words and have to repeat myself louder. I also feel like i'm just staring blindly at someone when they're speaking and they know that i'm high lol
  13. I can do it, but backing up in a car is alot harder for me when I'm high haha.
  14. cant clip my nails, well i can but i can't ever make the edges round there always sharp and i always just fuck up in general while doing that high
  15. I can't fight, write exams, study, play online games WELL or talk to girls smoothly when I'm high
    Also apparently I can't communicate properly with waiters at restaurants
    I was at a burger place and told the guy I wanted a regular burger with added bacon and cheese but without any bacon and cheese...was awkward
  16. I wanna double cheese burger with no double and no cheese. Lol.
  17. -Order at a drive up
    -Convince people I'm not high haha
  18. I cant roll a joint for shit when high, its literally like I have lost all coordination and ability to use my fingers properly. Sucks actually. So I usually default onto bong bowls or pipe bowls. Joints are great for getting me started, or if I want one in the middle of a smoke sesh I have to have it ready to go.
    I also cant talk to people to well, at least when I am really high. I guess I am more of a solitary smoker, do better on my own.
  19. Ordering food is so god damn hard I hate it
  20. Drive thrus and work

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