Things you can say about weed, but not your boy/girl friend

Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by Oathkeeper, Jan 1, 2013.

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    Got the idea from a friend who is currently high as hell watching 'Whose Line Is It Anyway'.

    To make it easier, anything related to weed is fair game (pipes, plants, etc.)

    Those are some fat nugs you got there :)
  2. I've got some weed in my bedroom right now.
  3. What a fucking fat nug
  4. I would like to break you up, put you in a bowl and roast you until you are nothing but ashes, and breathe in all your delicious smoke
  5. Damn, you always smell so good!
  6. I love how you can make me feel so good without me having to go through an hour of foreplay with you first :)
  7. You can do what ever you want with weed, but ask a chick for anal and its a no....
  8. I watched you grow from a seed, now your glistening with resin protruding your stench all over my room. Your scent always brings me good memories and with you I will have many more. You wait hand and foot on me and never complain. If you had a pussy I would be in love, and of course fuck you.
  9. It's saved my life.
  10. real simple.. I LOVE YOU
  11. so hairy....
  12. It's all sticky lol
  13. Damn ur smell is punjent baby , .... Sorry about the spelling
  14. "There's a seed in there"
    "That shit was loose"
    "Could have been better"
  15. "I was ripping the shit out of my bong all night."
  16. let me hit it
  17. wish some friends were here to share this...
  18. The heavier the better.
  19. I'm going to grind you till your nice and loose then pass you around to all my friends letting them hit that till we're satisfied. Only then after you are all used up and worthless we'll dump you outside.
  20. Lolz one of my favorites :p

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