Things To Smoke In A Bong Other Than Marijuana And Tobacco?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by StankGrass, May 27, 2013.

  1. All I have tried is paper. Any other good ones? Perferabbly avalable at home and that can be obtained in canada.

  2. you smoked paper? why? 
    talk of other drugs isn't allowed on these forums. and anything else you'd smoke like paper just why? just buys some grass man.
  3. resin? lol
  4. Wtf???
    I had a buddy in hs who just loved to smoke his bong. He would smoke cotton balls paper entire cigarettes (filter and all) when he was dry just to hit it

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  5. I've vaped cotton balls soaked in hash oil, I'm pretty sure you are not supposed to smoke that though. That's crazy.. Lol
  6. I....I... had no idea bongs were made for smoking things other than Cannabis and Tobacco.

    No, I'd never smoke paper, cigs, or even cotton out of my bong. Damn man....
  7. What does green tea do for ya 420blazeit420? I've heard one can smoke/vape things like lemongrass & mint &such for cold/flu symptom relief..
    Tried tobacco b4 in a pipe/bong.. Hated it! Gimmie my deadly Newport-shorts please! (& five on pump 2...&a 1dollar scratch off.. Idunno..surprise me! Lol!:
  8. Some people smoke cloves for the taste
  9. The Stupid tax
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  10. probably various herbs. I know we're not supposed to talk about other drugs but there ARE other ones that are typically taken via smoking, and a bong would assumably make the hits vastly smoother, since thats what bongs do. 
    I would NOT recommend smoking tea- I tried it, and its a horrible harsh smoke that doesn't taste good at all. Vaping tea on the other hand is excellent, and I would frequently put green tea in my vape along with my bud. Made it considerably smoother. 
  11. Pretty much any of the kinds of stuff you'd find in herbal cigs. Generally not as harmful as tobaccy, and many of them are supposed to have relaxing effects.
  12. Canada is littered with dry maple leaves isn't it? Try that.
  13. Lol troll?

    Who the fuck smokes paper through a bong.
  14. You've never taken a dank hit of a4..?
  15. Rosemary, I used to smoke sage too till I heard it caused damage. Idk if that's true but eh it wasn't special anyway.
    Rosemary is legal and you can get it at any health food store. Just leave it out to dry or microwave it if you don't wanna wait. I roll joints w/ it and smoke it in my bowl mixed or not w/ weed. It's a great filler.
  16. one time i took a bunch of soggy roach papers and took a bong hit and it was the harshest, nastiest thing ive ever tried. DO NOT SMOKE ROACH PAPER
  17. Lol  so funny guy!
  18. Lol, sarcasm?

    S'all good. 
  19. That dude's probably smoking reams of bleached 20lb.

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