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Things to look for when buying a grinder.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by 216xTEMPR, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. I always see lots of threads asking "What type of grinder should I get?" so I figured I would make a thread talking about what to look for when buying a grinder.

    This is my personal opinion on what to look for when buying a grinder:

    Look for known brands that make good grinders. Really makes a difference when buying because you can buy a crappy made cheap aluminium grinder with teeth that break off easily, and get fragments in your bud, or you can invest your money into a company that makes grinders with professional grade quality. Some known brands are SharpStone, Santa Cruz Shredder, and Space Case (These are just to name a few). I recommend SharpStone, they are low in cost and are made with great quality.

    Next part is deciding how many parts you want to have. They range from 1 part to 5 parts and come in all shapes and sizes I recommend buying a 4 piece grinder just because you can collect kief. If you dont know what kief is, it is the THC resin that falls off the bud when it is grinded up. In a typical 4 piece grinder, the weed being grinded up will rub against a mesh screen that is installed in the grinder. The mesh screen helps get the resin glands (or trichomes) that falls off the bud. This screen filters it into its own chamber where it can be stored and saved up. This is referred to as the kief chamber. And trust me, Kief is amazing to smoke! :smoke:

    The next thing you want to consider looking into when buying a grinder is price. This is really based on personal preference. Like I said before, I recommend SharpStone. Mine cost me $30 and it has 5 pieces. But you can be buy a Space Case which are typically more expensive. They cost around $75. Space Case is one of the top brands of grinders because they are known for excellent quality.

    Hope this can help someone out that is purchasing a grinder! Happy Smoking! :smoke:
  2. is a 2'' grinder a good size? or too small? thanks
  3. #3 The Golden Spiral, Sep 25, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 25, 2012
    I have a generic 8 bucks 2 piece metal one. it makes your weed powder in a matter of seconds.
    The problem i found is that there is a kief screen in between the chambers.
    It doesn't really work. I got like .2 out of an Oz (i haven't tried a real kief box, but i think .2 is minimum)
    I decided to take off the screen, works like a charm.
    It works, thats all that matters to me.
    Good thread man, even though im sure there are some like this already.
    What are you using?
  4. Cosmic case

  5. How does a one piece grinder work?


  6. thats a pretty decent size in my opinion.

  7. Thanks man, im using a SharpStone 5 piece grinder. pretty good for the price.

  8. There is no one piece grinder. All grinders must at least have 2 pieces.
  9. Using a cheap metal 4 piece, it works as well as any of your branded grinders.

  10. Good buy dude.

  11. Keep your eye open and don't pick an obviously shitty one, read reviews and choose. It takes more time than picking a branded and knowing for sure it'll be good quality, but it's worth saving the money imo.
  12. Watch for cheap ones,aluminum shavings can get in your weed

  13. I've never seen a shaving, or even a bit of metal torn anywhere on my grinder, and it's had some horrible shit in there too.
  14. Get one with the teeth close together. My grinder is a cheap peace of shit, with the teeth too far apart and it does a horrible job grinding up my weed.
  15. I use a cheap 4 piece metal model. It's a 2 incher. I'd prefer to have a bigger one and think I'll pickup a 3 or 4" model next time. Perhaps with a clear top.
  16. [​IMG]


    If you look closely at the teeth you can see that even on the sides
    it has mini blades to cut with, the bud gets shredded evenly no matter
    where you have it placed, great feature to look for in a grinder

    hope it helps whomever

  17. Then my grinder is just complete garbage. Figures, I only paid 12 bucks for it, haha. Looking to invest in a nice $40 one soon.

  18. $12?
    well as long as it eventually gets the job done :p
    but yeh look into buying a high quality one they are so worth it!
    peace x

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