things to have when your stoned

Discussion in 'General' started by Ganjaman7847, Jun 24, 2003.


what lights do you like?

  1. black lights

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  2. colored lights

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  1. Some of these things make being stoned a lot more funner if you have anything else reply.

    1 black light a strong one

    2 collored light if you can't get a nlack light

    3 neon posters

    4 trippey music / depends on what type of music you like Me NINE INCH NAILS abulms are pretty good when your stoned

    5 good seats

    6 a good movie

    Thats all I could think of for the moment. If you have some others list them
  2. 4 me its gotta be a nice Ambient Lighting and chillin in my house smokin n watchin T.V. and if i get hungry i can jus cross the road and go McDonalds ;), thats all i need.
  3. Gotta have the Lava lamp flowing for sure. I've also gotten into the habit of watching The Wall while stoned lately. The Dolby Digital DVD rocks some serious ass!!
  4. I think I have the simplest way to entertain myself while stoned. I get a cigar (I've really been into Optimos lately) and go lay way out back on the basketball court. I just lay down and smoke it and watch the smoke. If it's still day time then you don't need black/colored/strobe lights to enjoy it.
  5. i love full moons. theres nothing better then chillin outside in the moonlight especially when its a little chilly the cool breezes feel really nice.
  6. I like haveing this stuff like black lights lava lamps good toons. It kinda make the effects more fun. But the most importent part is hving my smoking buddy. My cusin. Its alright to get stoned a lone but its funner when you have a buddy. Whats better than that is when you got like 4 freinds or family members and you all got like 4-5 ounces of weed on you.
  7. Drinks, food, friends, music, nice enviroment, maybe some games, and something to do, which may be anything at the time, and finally lava lamps are cool. I don't have one yet, but I want to get one.

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