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Things to grow in..

Discussion in 'General' started by Chronik-Judge, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. Primary note: i'd put this in growing but it has little to do with actually growing and more to do with what to grow in. Just figured i'd get better answers from people who don't grow to begin with. If you really care, move my post...

    So i'm planning to grow next year, probably 1 flowering 1 veg at all times, with disgusting amounts of LED and fluos, with fans and whatnot.
    here's where the difficult part comes in, i would have lots of family visiting and whatnot i'm a little sketched about the cops(even though i'd be in Montreal)

    So i'd be growing in an appartment and basiclaly I want something to grow in.

    I'v had a few ideas.

    PC TOWER --> Not alot of space, intake fan looks normal though. probably could seal it up so no light escapes and put it at the back of a closet.
    Problem --> No where to have a veg plant

    Speakers --> I figure I could take 2 speakers and "gut them" and just grow in them, but then i'd have to find the right speaker, and the air intake would look rly random on a speaker.

    But the thing is, i'd really like it if the speaker still worked so it wouldn't be bait at ALL. it would just blend in with all my other speakers. So i'm thinking put a smaller speaker, inside the larger speaker or something like that.

    What are things that I could grow in? there has to be a website that sells things designed for this? Like those fake cocacola cans that you can keep weed in? anyways help me out boys.
  2. Also I have a huge bob marley flag, and several high times fold outs, but i don't think i'm going to put them up because me smoking weed is probably bait enough no?
  3. If your already doing all this work why not just make a false wall? find a space in your house where you can cut the room by about 4 feet or less. my friend had a closet shaped like an "L" as in when you opened the door you could walk left or right.. he just purchased some dry wall and put a handle on the wall Like to hang towels (something to grab to move the wall). and made it a false wall.
  4. I live in an appartment, and it will be leased and i doubt i'll be there next year. So no making walls. lol
    Also it's a pretty small apt. 2 and a half

  5. hmmm. Well then i guess your going to just have to chose one room buy a good lock and tell people its a storage closet. Or get a basement.

  6. Or I could do something in a stealth container...... I said i'm growing ONE to TWO plant... and i don't want it to be bait.. why the fuck would i buy a huge lock and put it on a closet in a 2 room apt? .. and where do i "get a basement"

    sorry if i'm rude but I feel like you didn't take the time to read at all.
  7. [ame=]YouTube - Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up[/ame]

    Rick knows what to grow in.
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    I dont think you understand how plants grow.. There is no way you will ever get a plant to bud in a container.... Never... Wont happen. The lights are too close, theirs not enough room. The equipment is too big. their wont be enough soil.

    Theirs 1000 problems with what your talking about..

    Not to be rude to you but making a stealth box is a stupid idea.

    Ive been growing for about 3 years now and i know what im talking about..

    If you want to make a container this is the smallest you can go and even to do this you need vents and other items that will be very noticeable.

    Marijuana Grow Box

    If you cant grow right its just a waist of time and a risk you dont need.

  9. Ok clearly someone needs to hop off their high horse, because your assumptions keep making you look stupid. Here's a few for example
    Like I said LED = very little to no heat therefor they can be signicantly closer to the plant. Theres no balast if you knew anything about growing with LED's or fluos so it really takes up VERY little space.

    Then you want to talk about soil? Where the fuck did I say I was growing in soil in the first place? I mean i MIGHT be but who the fuck said I was?

    And what are these "other items" that will make it look noticable? a power cord? thats not bait on a cpu tower.

    And lastly.. When I say speaker I don't mean your fucking computer speakers you clown, i mean a big fucking subwoofer.

    Oh by the way, google PC GROW:) dumbass.

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