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Discussion in 'General' started by Kr4zY-tOkA-IvXx, Jun 6, 2004.

  1. well i am gonna be smokin about 4 bongs to the dome pretty soon 2night and i wanted a quick response on what i can do to have a great night .. yesterday i smoked and chugged a bottle of Cough Syrup but i fell asleep .. and wehn i woke up i was just comin down from roboing witch sucked since i missed it .. what can i do to make up for last night .. im feelin a lil burned out on smokin bud.. any suggestions
  2. If you're looking for something new, experiment with new drugs. Theres endless amounts of different combinations you can try. Coke, heroin, acid, mushrooms, PCP, speed, peyote, all sorts of stuff. Just mix and match any of those and have a fun night.

    If you try anything I just said and you end up injured or dead, I cannot be held responsible. :)
  3. ^^^^^^^^^
    DISCLAIMER! :smoke:
  4. Ecstacy: it's fun in a pill.

  5. I here it really sucks when your coming down though..
  6. ^ all I did for that was smoke some more bowls, it was like it kept me rolling, I just kept smoking till I was ready to pass out, then I felt great in the morning
  7. if you feel burnt out the only thing to do is sleep and do a wake and bake.........i feel great after wake and bakes, but if i smoke alot before sleep i feel "burnt out" and it sucks

    heres somthing to do: sex!...always fun, even better on weed:)

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