Things to do while bored and with no drugs?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by je5ter, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. Any ideas?!
    I dry right now and I'm getting kinda bored sitting at the computer.
  2. Masturbation usually solves the problem...
  3. good ideas guys lol, but both dont consume that much time
  4. good ol' palmela handerson :)
  5. Well before you get a bunch of dick holes telling you to go outside and blah blah blah... I suggest the following. Since i've been on house arrest and unable to smoke the past few days and for a good while try the following.

    Take a nicee long hot shower, eat food, exercise, read up on experiences reports, post on grasscity, sleep, facebook, masturbate hahah.
  6. what you do is take a long ass shower find a good show on tv eat while watching it then go outside and chill, oh then take a shit or smoke a cig there both nice
  7. if youre tired of being on the computer maybe you could watch a movie or play xbox or super nintendo or something..

    or search around on ebay for shit you want to buy
  8. Educate yourself. Try something new.
  9. If theres anywhere to play pool, then thats always good. its mad fun and a good time killer.
  10. thats what i do
    or getting caught in a good book ( although it sounds gay) can be an awesome way to pass the time
  11. If you don't know what to do without drugs then there is a serious problem here.
  12. haha i agree with this guy. you can do just about anything. in fact, you might be able to do way more because you won't be inhibriated (sp?). get off the computer dood.

  13. fuck yeah, i killed like 4 hours the other day bc i was wrapped up in a kickass book.
  14. Read, pick up a hobby, exercise, watch a movie, plays some video games, meditate, long bath/shower, dominoes from VHS tapes, clean, go outside... Theres plenty to do.. more to life then drugs
  15. in all seriousness, meditate. get to know yourself. take a walk and just look at nature. eat a shitload of food and drop some deuces. go chill with people, fuck a whore, kill your grandma. theres tons to do, man.
  16. read a book!
  17. Reading is a favorite pastime of mine and it most definitely helps cure boredom. Teaching yourself something new or gathering information on stuff that interests you is also fun and benefits you.

    Orrrrrrr, buy a sack and get to chiefin'. :smoking:
  18. carve little chess pieces out of soap. then play chess.
  19. Earn money for more drugs? :D

    Naw, but really, you need to find stuff to do when sober. I know life can be somewhat monotonous sober, but find the right ways to appreciate sobriety and it will be so much more meaningful.
  20. Your right guys! thanks for the inspiration!!

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