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  1. well ive been bored as hell these past few days, just sittin around smoking. Ive just been so bored and kinda lonly and smoking alone isnt thaT great especally when theres nothing to do. what do u guys do when ur bored and shit
  2. So yeah I typed that a while back. Have fun its only 250 out of 420.
    My book got thrown away:/

    1. Join NORML
    2. Play Badminton
    3. Travel the globe
    4. Go barefoot
    5. Meditate
    6. Learn to roll
    7. Take a hike
    8. Rock out
    9. Lose the remote (Remember, unlike marijuana, television is highly addictive and rots your brain)
    10. Demand a raise
    11. Go see a local band
    12. Help a friend out of a jam
    13. Write a letter to the editor
    14. Save the planet
    15. Plant a garden (We're thinking about vegetables at the moment, but if you'd rather harvest some nice "herbs," kindly check out "Where Does Marijuana Come From?" (page 177 in the book itself) for a few tips on acquiring a green thumb.)
    16. Clean your bong (If the water in th bottom is both the color and consistency of chocolate pudding, it's definitely high time for a little scrubbing... then you can get stoned all over again.)
    17. Fly a kite (Extra points if you happen to (re)discover electricity while you're at it...)
    18. Ride a bicycle (They're fun, good exercise, and save fossil fuels.)
    19. Shake your ((BOOTY))
    20. Bake while you're baked
    21. Rent a movie
    22. Make a movie
    23. Make a new friend (You might start by sharing the rest of that joint.)
    24. Call an old friend
    25. [Celebrity hit- REDMAN] Work
    26. Try yoga (Just don't smoke too much before attempting to tuck your feet behind your head...)
    27. Build a fort (Once it's built you'll have a great new place to smoke weed.)
    28. Turn a cartwheel (Been a while, hasn't it?)
    29. Feed the cat (You're both hungry, but the cat can't feed herself. Oh, and a little catnip is always appreciated as well.)
    30. Dig a hole to China
    31. Carve a Jack-O'-Lantern (Admittedly, this is the most popular right before Halloween, but then again, why wait?
    32. Hide some weed (Put a joint somewhere you won't find it for a week or so.. you'll thank us later.)
    33. Do it yourself
    34. Stop stressing
    35. Try juggling (Might want to start with something a little easier than flaming chainsaws, though...)
    36. Doodle (Bonus points: Makes a little flipbook on the edge of a stack of Post-it Notes.)
    37. Burn some incense (Just don't expect it to disguise your smokey smells. Everybody knows about incense...)
    38. Sing a song to your sweetheart.
    39. Study karate
    40. Act in a play
    41. Go camping (How do you think 'smores were invented, anyway?)
    42. Hackysack ( A bit cliche perhaps, but it's a lot more fun than kicking around a bowling ball.)
    43. Gaze at the stars (Take a nice big toke, squint a little, and the Big Dipper looks alot like a pipe.)
    44. Laugh out loud (Odds are something's funny. If not, you may need to smoke a bit more...)
    45. Practice your cheech & chong imitations (Dave's not here, man...)
    46. Smile
    47. Sumo Wrestle
    48. Study Permaculture
    49. Make love (Whoever said that power is the ultimate aphrodisiac never smoked really good weed.)
    50. Count your blessings
    51. Masturbate
    52. Play scrabble
    53. Go birdwatching
    54. Snowboard at dawn
    55. Do your laundry
    56. Fight city hall
    57. Tie your shoes
    58. Overcome your projects
    59. Cross a cultural divide
    60. Take a walk
    61. Get a massage
    62. Give a massage
    63. Quite your job
    64. Sing in the shower
    65. Shoot some pool
    66. Flirt
    67. Do your nails
    68. Start a snowball fight
    69. Ride a roller coaster
    70. Beg forgiveness
    71. Skateboard where it's not permitted
    72. Have a good cry (It's not only cleansing, it also gives you a good alibi for having red eyes.)
    73. Watch the clouds go by (Yes, we know--that one in the middle definitely looks just like Jerry Garcia.)
    74. Terrorize an all-you-can-eat restaurant
    75. Write to Congress
    76. Staff pick-Natasha (Managing Editor) Go to the Gym
    77. Get married (Scientific studies prove that cannabis couples have more fun, stay together longer, and always finish their slices of wedding cake.)
    78. Live the life you've imagined
    79. Fight the powers that be
    80. Learn to sew
    81. Love thy neighbor
    82. Swim upstream
    83. Whistle a catchy tune
    84. Cook dinner
    85. Solve a mystery
    86. Call mom
    87. Run away and join the circus
    88. Build a sweet lodge
    89. Have a threesome
    90. Stop and smell the roses
    91. Make spin art
    92. Host a garage sale
    93. Defy expectations
    94. Read a book
    95. Write a book
    96. Take a siesta
    97. Play matchmaker
    98. Download your favorite band's first album
    99. Sync up dark side of the moon and the wizard of oz
    100. Surrender to fate
    101. Comfort a friend
    102. Fix your car
    103. Rake the lawn
    104. Find a new apartment
    105. Resolve a dispute
    106. Floss
    107. Win an argument
    108. Plan a picnic
    109. Clean out the garage
    110. Cruise for cool trash
    111. Look through old photo albums
    112. Tickle some until they cry
    113. Start a lemonade stand
    114. Sing in the shower
    115. Blink rapidly
    116. daydream
    117. Do the robot dance
    118. Scratch your behind
    119. Pretend to be a car
    120. Cultivate a fake french accent
    121. Make prank phone calls
    122. bodysurf
    123. Play videogames
    124. Build a raft
    125. Build a fire
    126. Wear a blindfold
    127. Go hot-air ballooning
    128. Make a to-do list
    129. Play paintball
    130. Go rock climbing
    131. Invent a milkshake
    132. Play hopscotch
    133. Chew bubblegum
    134. Make sock puppets
    135. Create a collage
    136. Pop zits
    137. Fart
    138. Pick your nose
    139. Hold your breath
    140. Stand on your head
    141. Consult a ouija board
    142. Flip a coin
    143. Jump on top of a cuddle puddle
    144. Use a new word
    145. Respect your elders
    146. Polka till you drop
    147. Play dress up
    148. Go for the gusto
    149. Jump for joy
    150. Shave your head
    151. Catch fireflies
    152. Skip rope
    153. Stay up all night
    154. Build a sand castle
    155. Cool off in a kiddie pool
    156. Stare at the ceiling
    157. Go fly fishing
    158. Work a crossword puzzle
    159. Keep a secret
    160. PRactice your beatbox
    161. MAster the art of ping-pong
    162. Call 4-2-0 on a fucking cop
    163. Tune a piano
    164. Visit the library
    165. Win prizes at the boardwalk
    166. Run a marathon
    167. Make a hot fudge sundae
    168. Hail satan
    169. Go sailing
    170. Look through a kaleidoscope
    171. Playa round of miniature golf
    172. Read HIGHTIMES
    173. Throw a water balloon
    174. Research your family tree
    175. Hide under the covers
    176. Play laser tag
    177. Play hooky
    178. Get a piercing
    179. Get a tattoo
    180. Spin around in circles until your dizzy
    181. Learn an instrument
    182. Play backgammon
    183. Write a stoner comedy movie script
    184. Find a four-leafed clover
    185. Go trick-or-treating
    186. Experience a lunar eclipse
    187. Scuba dive
    188. swim with dolphins
    189. Watch the super bowl
    190. Connect the dots
    191. Tend to my plants
    192. Skydive
    193. Swim beneath a waterfall
    194. Keep a journal
    195. Talk like a beatnik
    196. Head for mardi gras
    197. Make your own website
    198. Bartend a party
    199. Visit the pyramids
    200. Go bungee jumping
    201. Play air guitar
    202. But more weed
    203. Chase a tornado
    204. Change diapers
    205. Try some sudoku
    206. Play dungeons and dragons
    207. Learn a language
    208. Start a food fight
    209. Take a cold shower
    210. Backpack Through europe
    211. Play dead
    212. Milk a cow
    213. See the northern lights
    214. Steal the show at karaoke
    215. Watch old home movies
    216. Brew your own beer
    217. Climb a tree
    218. Make a tire swing
    219. Grow a beard
    220. Make 'smores
    221. Build an aquarium
    222. Check your e-mail
    223. Visit stonehenge
    224. Howl at the moon
    225. Hunt for buried treasure
    226. Explore the jungle
    227. Take photos of your herb
    228. Wear a wig
    229. Draw a self-portrait
    230. Upgrade your grow room
    231. Study mythology
    232. Solve an algebra problem
    233. Play chess
    234. Ride a horse
    235. Roll your own (sushi)
    236. Go back to school
    237. Dye your hair green
    238. Retire
    239. Pray
    240. Balance your checkbook
    241. Achieve enlightenment
    242. Wash the dishes
    243. Check out the farmers
    244. Visit an active volcano
    245. Go snorkeling
    246. Climb to the top of a mountain
    247. Light a joint with a magnifying glass
    248. Remodel the Kitchen
    249. Admit you were wrong
    250. write a screenplay
  3. I did all that stuff yesterday!

  4. 251. Send FullBlown bud.

    nope, you didn't do that one! :rolleyes:
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    I dare anyone to NOT do one of these things in a single day.
  6. lol

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