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--Things To Do When Stoned--

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by iLoganRoss, May 8, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, it's late and Ive been stoned all day. Ive done just about everything but I don't wanna go to sleep, so does anybody have anything fun they do when stoned and bored? I dont wanna hear masturbate or play video games. (Been there, done that :])
  2. Bundle up and go smoke outside and get real spiritual and shiii
  3. Eat ice cream or drink a slushie. Anything cold is amazing when high/stoned.
  4. well, masturbation is pretty much one of the more epic things to do.

    i really like to mess around with audio creation software on the computer, or pull out a box of crayons and color a kid's coloring book or make something cool on my own - depending on your cognitive abilities at the time.

  5. for some reason i have never experienced what a slushie has to offer on such an occasion.

    do you still get a massive brain freeze? is it ten times worse or do you shrug it off easier lol
  6. Play an instrument. Most fun thing to do when stoned IMO.
  7. I like to watch cartoons and listen new age music and eat...
  8. ive got a shirt that says "420 things to do when your stoned" in green...then it lists 420 things you could do. got it at spencers for like 10 bucks.

    ride a bike
  9. Don't care, masturbation takes the cake stoned.
  10. Swinging has to be up there. Especially when you close your eyes, imagine you're flying and jump off. Highly recommend it.
  11. A little trivia: All you have to do to stop that intense, brain-freeze headache is press your tongue against the roof of your mouth for a couple of seconds until the pressure is relieved. And completely off topic!...eating a spoonful of peanut butter will instantly cure the hiccups.

    On topic: one fun thing to do while stoned is read books and websites loaded with tons of useless information just like that which I provided above. :D
  12. I like to get stoned and try to shove my pinky down my pee hole.
  13. yeah I was with this chick at a mall, and she bought that shirt there.

  14. as do i have this shirt and when i wear it high if i do things on shirt i cross them out haha its about 80% crossed out
  15. .........obvious answer here is....smoke more weed
  16. go for a walk in a forest, everything looks amazing!

  17. This!
  18. I was going to go for a bike ride... but my brother left his bike at his friend's... I don't have one because-- well, I'm 21, why would I?

    Doesn't make sense that my brother has one at 23 I guess... but, oh well. He does! Or doesn't, currently.

    Uhhhh... o_O

  19. riding a bike while high is pretty fun haha. My hands feel like they are locked in and wont move.

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