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Things To Do When High

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ildfull, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. Hi, this is my issue:
    I always share my weed with my buddy, he rarely pays me, or thanks me even, but I don't ask him to pay me. Now I'm fine with sharing, I prefer a social environment, thing is, after we smoke my friend just lays down and listens to music. He's a very paranoid person, so he only does it if we smoke on my property (room, backyard, etc.) he never wants to go outside. I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions, any ideas of what to do outside while high, that could draw him out of the house. Maybe see a movie, go to an amusement park, anything. Or should I stop sharing with him all together?
  2. If you can afford to smoke him up all the time then go for it but if i was you i wouldnt especiallt how he just listens to music and doesnt really interact with ya.
    But you could offer visine which will drop suspicion
  3. Get higher.
  4. I may just stop sharing with him, what's visine?
  5. Visine is a brand of eye drops to relieve redness
  6. I like rohto better feels minty haha. Just tell him you wanna smoke outside and go skating or something like that
  7. He's very stubborn and he'll only do it inside or in the backyard, that's not what I'm worried about, I want an activity to do that will make him want to go do it. So he doesn't just lie down and not talk.
  8. building a massive house in minecraft.
  9. Going to Amusement Park is one of my lifelong dreams I'm definitely gonna do that sometime this summer, maybe bring some firecrackers so I can get high while I'm there and so it wont wear off. :D
  10. Paintball is really fun you can try that.
  11. I have a broken arm, I'm getting the cast off in a week
  12. Only let him have half the hits he normally uses....maybe he'll have the energy to actually do something other than melt down?
    Maybe some sativa with a shot of espresso?
  13. This, maybe just be like "let's get just a littleeeee bit high and go see a movie" or something. Let him take just a couple hits and then you can get as high as you want. That way he can get used to being in public while high and he'll eventually get over it.
  14. make the dude pay up lol more for you.
  15. Are you "weening" him yet?
  16. Oh, I love to be outdoors while hgih. My absolute favorite place to smoke is the woods. Take your friend to a park or trail and go into the woods. You're surrounded by nature. It's so relaxing, especially in the Spring and Summer. Take an ipod and speaker and play some Ambient Electronic. Try listening to Ricky Eat Acid. Nothing beats that. Happy Trailblazing.
  17. go fishing
  18. Go toss a ball around, we always used to make soccer games with a rubber ball and they were soo fun. We also played ping pong ALOT or even mario kart
  19. If he's unable to pay for his own weed then reffer to the rule "beggars can't be choosers". Tell him you are going to the park to smoke a bowl and he's welcome to come. I am betting he wants to get high more than he wants to sit indoors. If he wants to sit indoors and be miserable, then he's more than welcome to do it sober.

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