Things to do when camping w/ friends

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  1. 1. Make a pyramid out of empty beer cans and try to shoot them down top to bottom with a pellet gun (good fun when everyone is hammered)
    2. Clam bake a tent
    3. Bring your Ihome to play some background tunes to jam out to
    4. Try whittling yourself a pipe
    5. Once it gets dark, go sign hunting (gas station lotto signs, road signs)- stalking around at night is much more fun than it sounds
    6. Before you start drinking too much, go to your highschool and chill on the roof for a while
    7. Fill your Camelbak with Vodka :D
    8. Eat drink and be merry

    Anything I missed?
  2. Play like lost in the wild haha. Like pretend your plane crashed and you gathered all the best supplies from the crash that you could. And so you play like your lost in the wild haha. Thats a game me and friends played as children.
  3. lol that sounds fun as a kid, did you break your friends arm for a more realistic experience?
  4. oh goodness heck no but we would pretend to have broken limbs and make slings and not use that arm and stuff.
  5. haha thats funny

  6. lol that's funny.

    Ya for sure for smoking while camping out

    I never have camped with my very best friends but I did get high while camping with some of my cool bros and my girlfriend and some of her friends and they didnt smoke but they drank liquor and stuff so I would sneak away and smoke in my tent and it would air out instantly and go back and they were so dunk they didn't know.

    girlfriend is kinda against smoking so i don't really tell her but im almost certain she knows

    SHHHHHhHhHhhh dont tell bro lol
  7. you should bring a drum and guitars and rock out while high around a camp fire before bed. also i always male a big ass smore:)
  8. Smore and cottonmouth..... lol

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