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Things to do in Paris..

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by SwissChris, Jul 6, 2004.

  1. Hey I am going to Paris till sunday and I was just wondering if you guys knew any cool headshops or nice bars...absinthe bars etc....oh yeah whats the law over there?

    I am a retard...wrong forum can some1 move it please
  2. ur goin to paris. lucky bugger

    i don't know of any places sry, never been there.i've always wanted to go. i'm french, someday i'll go. i hope u have a blast there. just stay outta trouble;)
  3. yeah paris is just a few hours away by car so I am going there for the weekend :D I like paris it is a very impressive city you should come check it out sometime daisy but stop by Switzerland first :D
  4. I went a few years ago, We did the effiel tower, while we were there a shoot for Family Matters was going on lol, I saw carl winslow but no Erkel..anyway, I missed out on jim morrisions grave, and im not so sure of headshops etc..maybe someone will post something to check out..
    nevertheless enjoy the trip :) have fun!
  5. The eiffel tower is a bitch to wait in line for...its like everything in paris you have to wait in line for...worse than a six flags theme park :D i forgot how long I had to wait to get into the louvre but I remember it was hell
  6. oh well I am off to Paris now...cya all again sunday :D ...if not then you know the feds got me :D

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