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Things to cook when stoned...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Marc, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. Stick all your stoner recipes here! From the munchie curers to the masterpieces.

    All I can say, is if you've got a sweet tooth... stick some chocolate milkshake with some raspberry ripple ice cream, add some sauce and put yer favourite chocolate cereal as the toppings, a nice sweet dessert/drink/breakfast cereal in less then 5 minutes! :p
  2. Nothing beats for me, a slice of bread or rolls, with mayo, tomatoes, cheese and spices. Then slapped in the oven on broil till the cheese puffs and browns, omg so good.
  3. french toast with maple syrup is amazing and cures cotton mouth

  4. This sounds so good right now.
  5. Its so good and really quick to make.

  6. Is it bread, then mayo, then tomatoes, then cheese, then spices?
  7. Yes, I like to sprinkle my spices on the mayo, then a little more on the cheese to get it spread out.
  8. It is by no stretch of the imagination quick, but hell do I love making a good Chilli/Spaghetti Bolognese.

  9. *runs to the kitchen*
  10. When your cooking while stoned, just remember the Oven, Microwave and Freezer are your friends. :D

    Wack the Oven on for about 15 minutes, stick a load of stuff that can go in it and be done at roughly the same time (e.g hash browns, burgers, oven chips, Sausages, Bacon etc) and just wack everything in, set the alarm on the oven and start rolling and blazing while its in! Once the alarm goes off, wack everything on a barm cake to create a ultimate Burger!
  11. You'll need three slices of bread.

    Put peanutbutter on the first one.
    Put jelly on both sides of the second one.
    Put nutella on the third one.

    Stack em.

  12. strawberry pancakes
    french toast
    pumpkin pie
    ive got a ton of great cookie recipes (dont care if that sounds gay coming from a dude but i wanted to go to culinary school for the longest time)
  13. good old classic cheeseburger with a tall glass of milk
  14. I gotta say my favourite is firing up the bbq then firing up a bowl or two. Throw some steaks, burgers, smokies or whatever on.
  15. chili rojo enchiladas with some refritos, spanish rice, home made tortillas, a nice fresh Sangria and a bowl of NYC Diesel. (God I love New Mexican cuisine).
  16. Hey are you tired of throwing away all that underwear after eating chipotle? Try Chipotlaway!

    [ame=]YouTube - Billy Mays - Chipotlaway[/ame]
  17. Chicken Ramon mixed with some salsa = win.
  18. I love cooking stoned. If I'm high the food has to be quick to make and ridiculous. I usually just end up throwing a bunch of random things in a pan and making a stirfry type deal. Yesterday for example I combined brown rice, peas and carrots, chickpeas, chicken, cheese, and a honey mustard/sesame ginger sauce in a pan. It was fuckin awesommmme... kind of healthy too by accident.
  19. Grill up a cheeseburger in the george foreman (takes about 4-5 mins), throw some chedder cheese on that bitch, and then drench it in franks red hot sauce.

    Best high eat ever.
  20. I always make some crazy things like waffles, ice cream, choc syrup and bananas. Or I go with the basic apples and peanut butter which is always good. Otherwise I usually mark food I have in the house and in the mood for.

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