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things to bring your high down

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by dankhit420, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. I have heard cocaine honestly.
  2. red and blue lights in my rear view mirror.
  3. I'm sorry but why in the world would u wanna do that?!? haha...but i love a fresh dew and some nice rhotos to get some clear eyes and you'll be good to go..still feelin great and no one can tell a thing.:smoking:
  4. Cops tend to bring my high down from time to time.

  5. very very VERY true. i got quite the story for that too, but ill save that story.
  6. well you can also OD on vitamin c and turn orange if enugh is taken over time hahaahhahah.
  7. Have a nice run from the cops knowing if you get caught, your fucked, that'll do the trick. Guaranteed, or your money back.
  8. When I do somethin bad like break somethin important my heart races and my high goes away lol its happen before
  9. Lol, I had a totally different experience when we talked about zombies. We went off on how we would save the world and what not. It was tons of fun. Now when we talked about creepy little girls on the side of the road, playing in the middle of the night, THEN I got a little freaked out.

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