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things to bring your high down

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by dankhit420, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. A shower and large meal bring me down a bit. Caffeine on the other hand makes me loopy as fuck.
  2. anything high in sugar will diminish my high.

    good thing i dont drink soda anymore!
  3. im gonna have to say exhausting movement like walking up a hill or taking a shower.
  4. can shower, eat something, or wear sunglasses... OR Have a run in with the po-lice (like me yesterday). Ya, that kills your high pretty DAMN quick when youre being interrogated.
  5. dude so true...i was in my car smoking with 3 other people and 2 of them threw down and rolled up a and the other kid did not have anything on it...but honestly the blunt got to us like 2 maybe 3 times because the kids that threw down and rolled it were straight chiefing on the blunt...i know it was thier shit and all...but i would never do that...
  6. visine brings my high down pretty fast and makes you look fine ahah
  7. Its true, when your stoned you think everyone knows your stoned but if you keep your shit together no one will have any reason to suspect. Just like if you get pulled over by a cop while stoned they probably wont know your high and wont assume it either unless you give them a reason (like your car smelling like some smoke). So just try to keep that in mind while blazed and be real cool.

    ...Or someone suggested ice cubes in your pants, that would work also.
  8. work... and annoying bitches
  9. Its all about the rhoto arctics baby. If Visine is the honda civic of eye drops, then rhoto arctics are the Ferrari.
  10. put a gun to your head, that should do it
  11. first what u need to do is wipe the sand out of your vagina
    then smoke a bunch and just be high in public dont bring it down
  12. nothin brings my high down i dont think, that shit just does what it does for as long as it does it. but i do notice like when you start thinkin too much about shit, and not paying attention to your high then you kinda forget your high. i dont know though, im just so used to being high 24/7 that i sometimes forget im high, i just feel like i normally do, which is high haha.
  13. police in amsterdam tell tourists to drink something sweet like orangejuice
  14. I'm not sure if this applies to everyone, but when I take a shower my high is completely erased. Give it a shot.
  15. If I make myself really angry or think intense thoughts it tends to clear my head up. Might not work for everyone tho.
  16. Coffee and eating.
  17. "Only the passage of time can bring you down from your high."

  18. seeing blues in your rearview
  19. +1500mg of vitamin C either in tablets or in a bunch of glasses in quick succession helps you come down from a high

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