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things to bring your high down

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by dankhit420, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. is there anything to bring your high down incase u need to go places and u dont wanna be stoned
  2. ummmm why would you wanna do that? :confused_2:. but i guess just think straight.
  3. Caffeine is the one thing that can bring my high down fast
  4. Ice cubes in yer draws. haha
  5. hahaha lol thats funny but ya i heard soda and shit brings it down but what if u get really baked and drink a red bull or a monster or sum shit after drink it will u b sober?
  6. Caffiene doesn't bring it down for me. I always love to drink a dew after I take a jay to the dome.

    Only thing I can think of is eating alot of food, and catching a bit of sleep will make my high come down alot faster as well.
  7. really cold shower, rhoto v arctic thats been sitting in an ice cold fridge for a few hours, some cold water to drink and healthy munchie food usually gets me to where i need to be, high but not STONED. i hate debilitating highs.
  8. same her man.
  9. ive noticed that being pissed off brings your high down
  10. really thats wierd
  11. the person you're smoking with being an asshole and bogarting the weed... and when people start talking about zombies when you're really high, causing you to freak out and get paranoid.
  12. dude i jst had that conversation with my freind not 24 hours ago when i was driving and smoking we smoked 2 bowls and we stopped at a stop sign a hes like whuldent that be weird if zombies just came out and shit that freaked me out a bit
  13. I usually don't get pissed towards this but when my friends who don't smoke try messing with me or just them being annoying can ruin a brothers high.
  14. food also

    but mostly the jakes
  15. Blunt of mids should do it :p
  16. Stop being a pussy and learn to control your high in public.
    But seriously if you want to lose your high quickly then eat a crapload of junk food and that should bring it down a lot, tho you will probably be very tired afterwards.
    But i never had to do that cuz no one in public should even think that you might be high, ive never been caught just being high, but ive ben cuaght with bud, but tahst a different story.
  17. Drive your car into a pole. Instant buzz-kill. From personal experience! Passenger side, though.
  18. Food and sleep will make you come down faster. There may be some chemicals that would as well, but caffine and nicotine just make you more alert, but still high. Like putting a drunk in a shower doesnt make them sober, just alert.
  19. Yo rep+ for reppin Deck, cant forget about Wu. I gotta ask though, Im high as fuck lookin at your sig, where is it from?

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