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Things that you may be better at while stoned.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SmokeyTheCivi, May 23, 2010.

  1. The danger is its never good enough when stoned , far too much time spent on it.When im straight i seem to know when to stop.
  2. Yeah I can see that, but I have a slight case of OCD, so small details can even bother me even when I'm sober. I feel like being high could inspire me a lot and make my work more creative though. Like I said, I'll be trying it soon
  3. Cool , let us know how it pans out , one thing tho ...if im using paints its best to be totally ripped , never quite know what its going to be but always works out.
  4. when im stoned i acquire insane skills with a can opener.
  5. I become awesome at formulating new business ventures and marketing ideas. I also become amazingly self-analytical and introspective to the point it has started to benefit me greatly in the professional sense (work, career advancement, etc.)

    I also start to think of TV shows I'd like to write. I got my ideas from me smoking, and I usually write them down. When I come back, I'm like HELLZ YEAH!
  6. Weed is a "video game steroid" because it makes you so much better at them. I also am really good at basketball and beer pong when I'm faded.
  7. reading


    of course eating and cooking

    video games

    i have anxiety issues so it really helps in all sorts of social/public situtaions
    being social


    being active (i'm lazier when i'm dry)

    like Coup D'etat said, i think up ideas for business's all the time


    all the list could go on and on. really, i can do most things in life better stoned. but that's because i do have some medical issues, i really don't do well being non-medicated.
  8. Haha, yeah, me too, and then I realized I wasn't stoned enough because I couldn't figure out what a Poker Eating contest would actually be.
  9. Coup - I wanted to rep you, but it says I can't, sorry bro.

    Anyways, I'd say what I'm better at, but I don't get high. Waiting for my medical card. I'm hoping for mad skills tho! LOL

  10. Video games, sex and of course smoking, :p.
  11. Painting and billiards, definitely billiards!
  12. eating
    spacing out
  13. Giving hugs, being lazy, and appreciating music.
  14. getting away from the 5-0 in gta4
  15. 'nuff said
  16. hmm, i get alot more social, ppl dont know me unless they talk 2 me high, im an asshole when sober but when im high im just so easy 2 get along with, alot more peaceful, i have alot of anger issues, when im high i just relax, feel all peaceful, i can also free style when high, i can never ever ever free style but when im high i do alright :smoking:
  17. Playing my guitar
  18. N64 smash bros.
  19. haha im terrible at poker when im stoned. I always bust out laughing when I get a good hand.

    Im really good at
    -video games
    -working if I dont have to interact with other people
    -reading what other people are thinking

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