Things that would remain the same for Aliens on other planets

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    So like the title says, what do you think/know would remain the same for Aliens?  Only premise is that we must assume they were evolved from cell division, meaning went from a primitive stage to either still primitive or advanced.
    Obviously math is the same, 2 + 2 will always = 4 no matter the language/planet you are on so this got me thinking... Pi would still be non terminating as well, and the wheel/ball would still be huge inventions.
    If a primitive life form had wheels and some sort of beast they tamed, would be logical for any being to make a cart.  Do you think that would lead to combustible engines?  Is combustion power inevitable??? 
    What say you all?  And what do you all think would still be common between us and aliens?  Are we just prisoners of physics?  And if so why would life evolve too much differently than you see here with all the 1000's of creatures we have here.  You may say that is small minded to think, but could any of us imagined all the incredible life forms that have been discovered here on earth? 
    Is it plausible to think of beings that fly? How would you explain that?  Any "power/super power" you think they would have needs to have an explanation on how the evolution of it took place.

  2. consider the premise that we are one step away from apes, imagine a species thats one step away from us, they probably shit equations like Pi on daily bases.
    its a fact now that there is life out there, its just a matter of time before we find it, or worse it finds us, sees what primitive beasts we really are and disappears never to be seen again
    Wouldn't a higher intelligence understand that we are merely one step below them?  If we seen a planet with apes, we would be estatic, not scoff at it
  4. Or sees that we are inferior and enslaves us or tames us and makes us their beasts. Hunted for food and for game...then we'll know the hell we put the animals on our earth through
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    Some form of sex maybe not recreational but just purely for reproduction

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  6. Maybe they'd be twice as intelligent and twice as arrogant ?

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  7. Alien fappin
  8. Why would they have to be like us? What if there are aliens with completely different chemical compositions from us?
    I personally think that scientists are very presumptuous when they say that life can only exist on planets with certain things like water and oxygen just because the animals on earth need water to survive. They act like all of these theories about life on other planets are facts when in reality they really don't know anything to be certain outside of Mars. There are way to many planets out there for everyone to have the same exact type of life on it. You know what I mean?
  9. Ive been thinking the same, what's to say there's not a planet where life forms are mostly sulfur or lead based? They are probably sitting around smoking space weed talking about how dumb it is to think all life needs sulfur to live.

    All of my glass has meet a series of unfortunate events, I bought a new beaker bottom and named him Lemony Snickets
  10. I don't think anything can live without oxygen, but I could be wrong. If aliens are out there, maybe they're so advanced that the government tried to control them. But instead, they took control of the government, and now they use them to control us with considerably less effort. Who's to say?
  11. Scientists are not presumptuous at all. Life, as we know it and can study it, requires certain ingredients. Scientists can only publish what they can study. However, just because you see that work, but doesn't mean they don't have speculations and keep open minded in order to ask better questions.

    Scientists think outside the box and consider all possibilities. However, in order to prove theories, you need to be able to observe and experiment.
  12. if and when aliens do come we will be taken over history shows it and history will show the enslavement of hu-man..and besides if we cant even answer who came first the egg or chicken then whos too say we can answer any of the questions you asked.
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    i dont mean the actual chicken but more like did an egg become from a single cell organism or did a chicken become..not the cross breed of the same species..and evolution only shows the evolution of the same species birds cant evolve into say dog or groundhog..i have not seen proof of evolution ape too man is like saying cow too horse..
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    Cow to horses is illogical. We share a very high percentage of DNA to our closest primate relatives. Then there's fossil record and the libraries of peer reviewed literature on that.
  15. and im sure a cow shares a high percentage of dna too a horse..we'll just leave it up too nature too answers these questions..
  16. It shares some. But as species become closer in their taxonomy they share more and more DNA.

    Nature does provide us with the ingredients to study to understand all that we do on evolution. There have been more peer reviewed literature on evolution than any other field in science.
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    The reason that I am calling them presumptuous is that they use life as we know it standard for life everywhere when as I said before, we don't really know the universe outside of our own solar system buddies. Who's to say that there aren't more elements out there? Or that there are other types of life.

    I just feel like if there's a pretty earth-like planet but the atmosphere is made up of something like sulfur, the life on that planet will be sulfur based, and in turn wouldn't be able to survive on a planet such as ours.
  18. Like I said, many scientists ask these same questions.
  19. I think only two things will be a constant on any alien planet...gravity and evolution. Gravity is the reason everything exists, including galaxies. With evolution I think certain traits will be the same for the most part almost everywhere (barring any extreme alien planets). In most cases predators will evolve to have eyes in the front of their head so they can hunt and the prey will have their eyes to the side, the same here.

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