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Things that stoners love saying...

Discussion in 'General' started by christian, May 31, 2009.

  1. "what were we just talking about...?"
  3. dude
    what the fuck
    holy shit
    holy shit, dude.
    fuck dude.
    dude im fucked up.
    dude im pretty fucked up.
    im high.
    dude im high.
    i got the muchies.
    hang on. hit that shit, then finish your story. thank you.
    where's my fucking lighter?
  4. are you gonna hit that, man?
  5. If I had a dollar for everytime I sai---What!!!!What did you say!! No No Your Mom Cant Hear us!!!
    His friend--MAN WOULD YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!.
    Him--Damn It loud Its you Making the noise. ---cracks up Laughing.
    His friend--Dude if I wasnt so high I'd, I'd Kick your asssssssssssssssssss:bolt:
  6. Hopefully one thing that every stoner loves saying is "Damn... this is some good weed."
  7. do my balls stink? :D
  8. cottonmouth!!
    pass that
    hit it
    might as well smoke a bowl

  9. hahaha
  10. *cough cough* holy shit *cough*
  11. "Dude, how do my eyes look?"
  12. "Shit, I forget..."
    "FUCK!" - Generally after knocking something over i.e, bowl, ashtray, bubbler, etc.
    "I'm high."
    My most used; "Just smoke it, yo"
  13. cashed
    you gonna hit that
    let me hit that
    where is my lighter
  14. Dude shhhh do you hear that?
    Man am i going too fast?
    Am i driving okay?
    What are you doing tomorrow?
    How much did this sack run ya bro?
  15. "It's rolling." or another popular one... "It's cherried."

    "I think it's done."

    "Are you going to load another or am I?"

    "Can I try some of your slushie?"
  16. You Done yet man?
    Wheres my lighter?
    Shhh i hear something
    What was i saying?
    Oh shit!

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