Things that scared the Sh*t out of you when you were a kid.

Discussion in 'General' started by xcraighebert, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. Two words.
    Crypt keeper.

    I remember being about 7 or 8 years old, and having nightmares
    because I used to watch this show with my parents.
  2. My basement

    And me and my brother were both dicks. We had a period of time where we would "scare" one another, when we were in the shower. Meaning, when the other was taking a shower you burst open the door and make a loud noise like "Boo!" or "Ah!"

    We both got the fuck scared out of us and we'd always try to get eachother back and shit, until we grew out of it.
  3. the pogs with the really scary faces on them.
  4. haha sounds like me and my brother, we were basically the same way.
    Hell I'm 19 and I still do that shit to my girlfriend for fun.
    Which usually results in me getting slapped. :D
  5. The dead bodies my dad kept in the basement kinda freaked me out, bu t then once I hit puberty I figured out what they were for.

  6. bloody mary, blue baby, freddy, ronald mcdonald, and butterflies.
  7. "Son have you been touching my bodies. You fuck, you're going to give them aids"
  8. Lets see....

    Chucky ( I had a doll that looked like Chucky, I saw the commercial and tossed it out a window.

    The movie Fern Gully gave me nightmares as a kid. I kept seeing that big black cloud chasing me killing everything it touched.
  9. serious? that was the smog or something like that. that black liquid shit right? haha the beginning of the movie was awesome though. especially the batty song.

  10. ...and that's how I gave my dad HIV...

    .....good times....good times..
  11. the boogyman, vampires and ghosts. i remember watching the boogyman on disney channel and get scared and cant sleep

  12. I always make necrophilia/pedophilia jokes around my friends at it makes them uncomfortable I think.

    Me and a few of my stoner buddies were sitting on my friend's tailgate drinking some smoothies outside of a smoothie shop... And we were talking about the girls inside the window... I was like "damn that bitch that took our order was smokin'," and then they started talking about all the other girls they're like "dude I think I know that girl!" and everyone's joking and saying which girls they'd fuck.

    And there was like a 7, 8 year old girl in there and I was like "Yeah I'd fuck that little girl..." Just a joke, seriously, but they were like "DUDE" and I was like... :hide:
  13. Brooooo, pogs were so bosss back in the day. I would kick all my friends asses.
  14. When I was 13, I had a friend sleep over, and its hard to explain, but in my room
    there is a part of the wall by my fireplace that is broken, but not enough so you can see
    inside of it. My friend asked me what happened, and I told him I needed someplace to
    put all the dead bodies of other people who had slept over. He called his mom to come
    pick him up because "he didnt feel good" lol.

  15. BAHAHAHA! Fucking shit guys, I'm glad I'm not the only twisted fuck on here. :D

    And in response to TCG, I do too but my friends don't feel uncomfortable, they join me in my twisted shenanigans.

  16. oh my fucking god laughing my fucking ass off
  17. werewolves, jason vorheez, micheal meyers, my basement at night, the woods at night... those are the main ones

    i was afraid of freddy kreuger for a lil while, but i had a dream where i kicked his ass n i was never afraid of him after that since i beat him in his domain y aknow

  18. haha i had a chucky doll too, n when i saw the movie i tied him all up n put him in a box then taped it/tied it all shut.
  19. Those dudes in costumes at Chuck E Cheese!!!!
  20. Fucking spiders, man. They still creep me the fuck out.

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