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Things that piss you off intensely

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Blazedmymindbro, May 8, 2011.

  1. Out of bud. Bored as hell. Decided to make a topic about things that piss you off and make you want to kick a baby across the room.

    1)When somebody who is not even associated with Marijuana starts to talk about it and think they look cool.
    2)420 - Yes, it's overrated. I know some people (This also related to #1) who aren't associated at all with marijuana and when 420 is approaching they say "Oh 420 is almost here!" I'm like "Wow."

    3)When people joke around about drugs
    -I know some kid in my Chemistry H class who was fooling around and turned around with a pen that he sharpened and asked me "Hey man, want some heroin?"
    That shit pisses me off

    4)When people brag about things.
    -I know some people who talk about what they do and some people who always brag about shit.

    -Self explanatory - Kind of stereotype but who cares

    Anything that pisses you guys off?
  2. More things piss me off than not.
  3. Idiots who say false things like it's fact.
  4. don't let being dry feed negativity bro
  5. When I'm watching porn and the camera switches to a guys face when I'm about to spunk.
  6. When people talk about things they know nothing about with absolute certainty.
  7. Lol for real
  8. Threads about things that piss you off.
  9. I hate it when people you smoke with pretend to be super fucked up and act fake.

    I also hate it when people brag about having huge amounts of weed, meanwile they only have an 1/8 lol
  10. When a blunt rips.
  11. When a girl is giving me a handsie, and right when I hit that point where no man returns, she stops.

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