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Things that never get old with Budda

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by skatealex2, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. What are some things that you will always enjoy about the great plant?


    I'll start with some ideas..............

    The overall good/medicinal body feeling that comes with toking- gets rid of most aches- stomach/head, etc. makes you be able to go with the flow

    Picking up a heady new strain is always exciting ! especially when your stash has less than a g left

    educating people on marijuana and letting them see at the very least that it doesn't make sense for it to be illegal when it is so harmless.

    and of course- pot politics, i will be following all the marijuana headlines until the day it is legal and even than it will still be interesting:smoking:

    Post your ideas!
  2. I enjoy everything about it; the taste, the smell, the high, and of course the act of smoking it.
    I love packing my bowls, rolling a joint/blunt, and smoking it.

    It's a very special thing. :smoking:
  3. I love everything about marijuana.
    From learning new things about the beautiful plant, to smoking new strains.
  4. One thing that never gets old is the feeling I get when I pick up a dank ass bag. I love the smell, look, and taste of dank nugs
  5. hmm.. something that never gets old with budda..

    the funny smile on all the older adults who used 2 smoke in my family, when i arrive at the thanksgiving table at my gmas STONED

  6. ha, that takes balls
  7. How i can act like the toughest motherfucker this side of...Canada...And Mary Jane will just make me a kid again.
  8. the feeling after picking up..when you went through hell and high water to cop...its like taking off all your clothes, taking a hot shower, then climbing into a cool tempur-pedic bed

    i love you mary...and your my only onliest one
  9. i think the act of smoking never gets old. I think that the smoking part is half of the fun :smoking:
  10. agreed.
    i sometimes have to stop my self, or i'll smoker my self dry.
    its just a good social time imo.
  11. I love beholding a new bag purchase. To just sit there, staring at each one, taking in every detail of ever bud, trying to memorize the order you want to smoke them in, trying to save the best ones for last.
  12. 1. great tunes while baked never gets old, especially while driving.
    2. the feeling of rolling a perfect blunt.
    3. pulling pranks on people:rolleyes:
  13. great music never gets old. packin another bowl never gets old either :p
  14. I like to play a game with myself and my close friend. Well pretend were not high and trick everyone. Its satisfying inside, just knowing were borderline FUCKED UP on weed and we can play it off.

    I also love the satisfaction of packing that "last bowl" that never really seems to happen.
  15. I do this sometimes but I always have a slight smirk on my face, and I know it. On top of that, since I know it, the more I think about it the more it grows. Sometimes turns into a beaming grin. :D Pretty amusing stuff, heh.
  16. best thing about bud:

    sitting in your friend's bedroom, stereo system up with our favorite few cd's, listening to them all the way through, passing a blunt, packing bong rips, watching tv, smoking cigs, playing xbox, talking about old times

    sitting in your dorm room, hitting the vape, listening to music, talking with friends from the floor, going outside for a cig, totally ripped

    i love it.
  17. Now i want you guys to imagine this beacuse this is what me and ma home boy do, and ill get a picture of our view!




  18. love everything about it. especially chillin with my best buddy, havin a smoke and hittin the jacuzzi in out local gym. me nd my buddy have a great laff chatting to the guys behind the counter. we are so baked, and i thk they dont have a clue. other than that jus watchin a dvd with my girl or else smokin out my bedroom window and kickin back to enya. weed makes life so much more fun and allows me to appreciate all the little things that i feel that i normally would take no notice of:):)

  19. damn!!! the dorms... if you can smoke in em... are soooo awesome high, its like a huge party all the time if your RA is cool
  20. hahah look at those dumb cops yay lets take pictures with a bunch of plants I pulled out of the ground!

    Everything about bud, I feel like im never fully relaxed without it.

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