Things that make you feel old?

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  1. Knowing that internet didnt exist when i was born.
  2. That ......

    I didn't have a cell phone in school or and iPod .....

    There weren't any forums to tell people my mom just caught me .......

    I don't care cause I think kids who grew up in the 90s had the best childhood .....
  3. things that make me feel old.
    when little kids tell me i'm old. that makes me feel old lol. even though i'm only turning 20.
    edit: i grew up in the 90's so it was pretty chill lol
  4. Helped cater a wedding for someone two years younger than me, and I'm not even 20 yet. They all looked like they were going to prom, it was hilarious.
  5. Yeah 91 was a damn fine year to be birthed in. Props mom!
  6. Taking a shit.
  7. Cartoons from the early 90's.
    TV shows from the same era or even older.

    Seeing kids the ages of 10 walking around with iPhones and shit.
  8. Seeing high school kids get outta school always does it for me, seeing some old artifacts from the 90s does it too...damn near lost it when I saw an old dorritos bag with the Planet Points that you used to have to cut out and mail in for prizes. DEAR GOD I'M OLD.

    Glad to see so many 90s kids, we da best! '91!!!!
  9. Being told I look like I'm in my mid to late 20's....maybe early 30's....

    Just turned 40 in June:cool:
  10. this is eminems daughter in 2012

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    Knowing that all my old dealers from my neighbour hood now have children that deal lol.

    Looking at my old ass learners licence from 99'

    Looking at my old high school,

    Going to my friends little bro's highschool parties (at 28 lol)

    and seeing how pussy all the 18 year olds are at drinking these days fuck me and the boys used to go HARD when we were that young.
  12. Thread revive!!!!!
  13. Toy story is 18 years old.
  14. When I think about the toys I had growing up in comparison to the toys kids now are playing with. I am really not that old, I am only 18 but still has anyone taken a look at what kids are playing with nowadays?
  15. the lion king came out 22 years ago .. still have it to.
  16. . . . knowing that I was born before colored television.

    - knowing that I think the hottest age for a woman is around 50.

    - although it wasn't all that long ago, I remember when the fucking government wasn't in your face everyday.
  17. The stuff I collect, It makes me feel like an old man. Also, silver markings and origins get boring as hell to a non-collector after about 10 minutes I'd imagine so that doesn't help much either.

    Oh and the fact that I golf, fish and wear sperrys. See, waaay back before they became trendy, my pops wore em for working and boating and got em for me when I was a kid, I'vee been wearing em ever since. The remind me of him and he was old oldd when I knew him. Makes me feel like im turning into him haha...
  18. Children these days don't have toys well the ones that I know don't

    the fact that they all had apple things before I did

    I learned about World Star Hip Hop last year and apperently being black and my age to not now of that website is a problem in my community.
  19. going out in public and seeing what kids wear these days...

    I'm all for freedom of expression through your clothes but when I was 10 I wore whatever the fuck my mom bought me with some goddamn sketchers not some 300$ headphones to wear around my neck as decoration

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