Things that make u feel at peace.

Discussion in 'General' started by highfive24, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. What do u do for peace. Or instances where u are completely stress free and relaxed.

    Ill start agin...

    Watching the sky. Taking a shit. Smoking weed. Playing sports. Meditation. Cuddling with a girl. And eating. Also listening to my music. And playing guitar.
  2. I love working on my garden, especially this time of year, where the only plant life I really have is my cannabis. I can be really tense and stressful but when I go and work with my plants it all just melts away and I get caught up in whatever I'm doing. It's one of the best hobbies for sure!:hello:
  3. Writing. When I'm properly in the mood I just zone out and get completely lost in my story for hours, it's amazing. Especially when it's raining outside really heavily.
  4. snow boarding, hiking, drinking a cold beer on a warm day at the lake with my chair halfway under water. < true happiness right there
  5. Nothing better than chilling by the ocean for me..

  6. Sitting on a mountainside getting perspective of the world. Noticing my surroundings come alive after about 10 minutes of quiet.

    Everything wants to check out grizzly when he chills near the tree line...squirrels, magpies, grouse.....yeah buddy!

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