Things that last forever (an attmept to touch on 'relationship')

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    Nothing is permanent and nothing lasts forever.

    But, there is a thing, that doesn't change and even lasts forever.

    And that is...

    Blood tie.

    The relationship between a father and a child.

    The relationship between a mother and a child.

    Once the relationship is formed, it doesn't change, and it doesn't end.

    Even after death, the relationship between the two remains the same.

    And I think that is why family is so important.

    Because at the end of the day, it's the only thing that remains.
  2. good thing to reflect on, on mothers day!
  3. Is it? I mean, it's Mother's Day?

    I didn't know that....

    Wow... holy shit...

    I was thinking about my mother when I wrote this... and I didn't even know it was Mother's Day coz... well, in Thailand, it's just a normal Monday...
  4. it was sunday.
  5. Well, we live in different places and different times...

    But still.

    I'm suprised that it was Mother's day somewhere on earth...

    I really was thinking about my mother when I wrote this...
  6. lol that is kinda weird.
  7. i feel true love could last forever,well atleast until death does its part.

    but damn man,this is so right,and crazy that you just so happened to have thought this up on Mothers Day,shows how the heart can tell you certain things on certain times even if the brain cant.
  8. Relationship between 'mother - child' is something that can't be denied.

    In fact, everyone has it. (Unless for some odd reason you were artificially made...)

    And it is something that we can all agree on.

    That the relationship between you and your mother will always remain.

    Even if you guys hate each other... the relationship is still there.

    Even if you legally seperate yourselves, the relationship is still there.


    In a world of impermanance and temporary beings, anything that you can feel as being permanent, or everlasting, should be regarded as a 'gem'.

    With this thread, I am attempting to give you that feeling of something that lasts forever. Something that will always be with you, regardless of time.

    Something that you can cherish, as one of the gems of your lives...

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