Things that just suck.

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  1. when you get a full bowl packed and you're in your smoking spot and realize you don't have a lighter. when you get a bowl of cereal and than you find out you don't have any milk. when you run out of hot water before you're done in the shower.
  2. A handsome man with a mouth like a hoover vac?
  3. no. I think that sounds pretty cool.

  4. :wave:
  5. Spilling a packed bowl. Happened in my car with a friend today. not fun :(
  6. tight blunts/joints
  7. Duuuuuuuuuude. that shit definitely sucks. what sucks even more is when it's still burning and you drop it on your seat burning a big ass hole in it.
  8. Even worse would be herpes all over your balls.
  9. When you have insomnia, decide that you're going to get out of bed to bake oatmeal cookies because they sound sooooo :yummy:. Then find that someone else ate all the oatmeal and left the empty container in the cabinet....GRRRRRR!!!!!

    Oh well, guess I'll just have to settle for chocolate chip cookies.
  10. Taking a shit then realizing you have no TP!

    Getting in the shower then forgetting to bring a towel!
  11. HAHAHAHAHA, we are almost in the exact opposite situations. last night I was looking around for chocolate chip cookies mix and couldn't find anything, and we happen too have like 2 containers full of oatmeal that no one eats.

  12. wait

    our oatmeal cookies easy to make?
    I gots lots of oatmeal
  13. I have no idea haha. I imagine it couldn't be to hard. oatmeal cookies kinda sound good right now..
  14. Damn! I'll trade ya! :laughing:

    Yeah, they're easy to make IMO.

    You know what else sucks? It's after 2am, I'm drinking coffee knowing full well I won't get to sleep for at least 18 more hours. Sheesh!
  15. Pack a few bowls at home chilling. Then the munchies hit ya. Roll up at Taco Bell order your food only to realize you left your wallet home.

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