Things that annoy you while high?

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  1. Hope it's not just me who gets annoyed by certain things when they're high, lol.

    I have to put my hair up, I can't stand it tickling my face or being on me. It just freaks me out
    If there's paper in my room making any noise I have to find it immediately.
    I wear bracelets and if they tickle me it freaks me out, or if I wear headphones and they touch me it freaks me out.
    This is beginning to be a things that freak you out type post.... Lol

    Eating meals make me feel weird, like I'm super sensitive to any tiny crumb anywhere. I would feel like my face is so dirty but then look in the mirror and nothing.

    Maybe I'm just weird bye.
  2. just part of the process babe. weed makes you aware of everything going on in your body and mind. its pretty trippy :p
    hmmm i dont think anything really annoys me when im high. if i had to pick something, id say that maybe when im high i have a short attention span? like i dont feel like just sitting there and watching something for an extended period of time. i feel like i need some fast paced action like a video game or something lol. idk.
  3. Hair doesn't bother me, but I have to take my earrings off if I am wearing anything that dangles and touches my neck; irritates the hell out of me. 
    I also can't deal with people that talk too much; I don't mind talking, but when I'm high that's usually my relaxation and kick back time. I like to zone out and it's hard to do that with people that have to have constant chit chat. I guess that can bug me when I'm sober, too but especially when I'm high; GTFO with that. 
  4. People who can't handle my honesty or humor.
  5. Dirty fingernails I mean I spent like a hour or so cleaning and trimming them.

    My son every time we get high he won't stop bugging me to use my Roor which I put away because of him. I mean hell I would let him use it and he would be late retuning it and the last time it was dirty as hell.

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  6. I feel you on the talking part, my boyfriends pretty talkative and I'm just over there in space and shit. Lol
  7. People who are incredibly full of themselves.
    Nobody is impressed.
  8. Now I see the same thread was made in 2009 woaw h8 myself. Fuck it though.

    Another thing that annoyed me is my snakebites, it's like having holes In your lip filled with metal and I can't stop messing with it, just feels so weird.
  9. Broken teeth. I once got in a discussion with a dude and he cracked a couple of my teeth with a pool cue. I played with the holes in my teeth all weekend until I could get into a dentist. Oh and I won the discussion in the end.

    I am annoyed also by violent people who attack loud fun time stoners.

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  10. when my dogs bark at something going on outside, i live in an apartment complex so guess how that goes.
  11. Amen to that. If we are gonna talk then fine, lets talk. But if I put a movie on or something then shut the fuck up.
  12. - cottonmouth
    - munchies
    - not being able to fully open my eyes
    - taking a shit
    - accidentally falling asleep
    - not being able to hold a serious conversation for more than 2 minutes
  13. Nagging...of any sort
    Going out in public and having people stare because I'm high
    Having to actually do shit high

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  14. Lol my dog always seems so erratic when I'm high, running around and barking and whining and shit. It's like hello you're freaking me out.
  15. people ringing the fucking doorbell. go away! leave me alone. 
  16. Lazy writing
  17. When eating with other people and it seems like they're chewing and breathing as loud as humanly possible
  18. Being around arrogant people who have a huge ego and never shut the fuck up

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  19. When my OCD wants to freak out about something but I'm too lazy to let it. It's a nagging discomfort at worst, comparable to shutting a clingy dog in a room and listening to it scratching and pawing at the door. That doesn't mean that it can't fuck up a high.
    Semi-related to the above, seeing stray ash or resin SERIOUSLY pisses me off. I have about a dozen ashtrays, and there are always cleaning supplies within an arm's reach. There is NO excuse for that shit.
  20. I know those feelings! So much. My OCD had me cleaning crap with a toothbrush today. It gets frustrating. So time consuming! I scream in my head, "it's clean leave it and move on!!" But OCD says, "well if you don't surly something horrific will happen!"

    Yes yes the fate of the world hinges on my clean bathroom. I already know so I'll just clean it twice. -_-

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