Things that amaze you while stoned?

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  1. This happened to me a few days ago.
    I'm looking at my cat then all of a sudden I yawn, then my cat staring directly at me yawns right after I do.
    What's some things that have amazed you while stoned?

  2. almost anything in slow motion
  3. Thinking about life in general is pretty crazy

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  4. Sometimes when I'm blazed, I'll look at myself in the mirror and like just start thinking like "That's me! That's who I always have been and that's who I'll always be. There ain't shit to change it." idk I just trip out sometimes haha
  5. unless you opt for plastic surgery lol
  6. Music amazes me. Any music with a shitload of bass just blows my mind.
  7. Yawning is contagious. I yawn in front of my dog all of the time to make her yawn :p
  8. Ya know the regular ol thought about how trippy it is that we can exist and have a conscience and perceive/experience what we do.
  9. The stars always amaze me, and thinking about life can get a bit intense at times haha.
  10. Things that amaze me while high.....well personally the reason why I get high is to have a higher sense of universal awareness. Music is nice, more weed is nice. I like to watch alot of deep videos having to do with time/space existence. And I watch alot of stuff about psychedelics, because I believe they are possibly the key to unlocking the doors of our reality, to see what else is out there. Weed is the first step in that psychedelic, awareness raising drug chain.
  11. Don't let your mind get too mind blown, it is actually a common occurence with pets.
  12. Blu-Ray Movies

    "We can't stop here this is bat country"-Fear and Loathing
  13. Sex.

    :laughing: but seriously. Sex.
  14. every once in a while I get as high as i possibly can and trip out on the universe marathons on the science channel... just thinking about near-incomprehensible massiveness of the universe is comforting to me lol
    studies have shown, the more you are emotionally attached, or love another living thing, the more contagious it is... thats why in family and pets yawns seem so contagious 
  16. Fire. Be it campfire or in the wood stove, I'll usually bug out staring at it thinking how fucking weird it is.
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    I've been doing this recently. I've been meaning to do some research on what it actually is haha.
    It just trips me out how this naturally occurs every time certain specific conditions occur and it vaporizes shit into just ash.
    It also makes me think there is some kind of creator when I think about how it is so much like a tool, given to us to discover and utilize to progress the human race,
  18. Food, sex, good movies, thinking about human life in general
  19. Looking at anything under a microscope.  Ever seen a fly's eyeball(s) at 100x zoom?
  20. everything amazes me, like everything is made up of little particles, but what are the particles made of? and what are the things that make up particles made of?

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