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Things People Do Stoned...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by UhForgotMyName, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. Things people do/say when their stoned or smoking that piss my off:
    -Double hit when I load the bowl.
    -Torch the bowl.
    -People who talk about how much they smoke

  2. -Forget where something is 5 seconds after seeing/using it
    -too stoned to think of any more of these
  3. My pet peeve is people who refuse to admit that whatever we just smoked got them high.
  4. eat
    and then

  5. For real. Like, when people try to fake that they have a huge ass tolerance is really annoying.

  6. Thats what society has done, people have to be cool and seem like they are like the rappers who blow O's a day. People just don't appreciate the weed for what it is. Whether it be one hit or chain rolling blunts.
  7. I learned to not let things get to me/piss me off, it seems to add unnecessary stress to an already stressful life we all already live. Besides, I smoke to relax so if I'm getting pissed while smoking it totally defeats the purpose for me
  8. Stare at stuff
  9. when people ****** lip. And when people trick stoned people into letting them get the next hit.
  10. when the one retarded person in the group who no one is really sure why hes in the group baby sits the god dam blunt. It's HIT HIT PASS! NOT Hit, tell a really bad story and laugh the entire time, hit, tell another really bad story, and then pass!
  11. When my friends say take a breather, and three hours later say the same shit.
  12. My friend, who I always smoke out, always holds on to my piece saying he needs a breather and he even has the nerve to get mad at me when I ask to hit it. If it's not your weed you have no control over it.

  13. ummm why is he still your friend than? If anyone did that to me I'd kick his ass spit in his face, take all his weed, and yeah kick his ass some more, and i swear im not even joking, people like that are fucking goofs anyways.
  14. When someone holds it and starts jaw jacking, shout WOAH WOAH WOAH DUDE YOUR FUCKING MICROPHONE IS ON FIRE!!!!

  15. This so much. I'll never understand why it's "cool" to have a high tolerance. I don't get stoned off one hit or anything, but I'd rather have a lower tolerance and smoke less than have a high tolerance and have to smoke more.

  16. It's the youths music brain washing our society I tell you!
  17. I agree with your 3 and I hate it do much when people talk black. It annoys the hell out of me unless they are black
  18. they eat all the snacks
  19. they pull cheeseburgers out of their pockets
  20. So if it was your hit, but you were coughing and needed a few seconds so you could take your hit without coughing up another lung, itd be okay for me to kick your ass, and take your hit in the rotation then? Sorry, you sound ridiculous. If your smoking someone down, your smoking them down, u cant put retarded "5 second hold, or get ur ass kicked" or "i get your hit cause you are taking too long" rules. You either smoke someone down, or you dont. You dont be an ass about it. Joints and blunts are a bit different cause they burn away when not being smoked, but even then, thats uncalled for.

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