Things keep getting better

Discussion in 'General' started by TheHempress, Jul 31, 2003.

  1. I moved in with my best friend last night, so I offically don't live with my family anymore :D

    But even better news: I GOT A JOB TODAY!!! Hot damn! Things sure are getting brighter for the I can help her pay her bill so she doesn't have to work 2 jobs and I can start saving money so I can start growing weed of my own again...I'M SO FREAKING HAPPY!!!!
  2. Sweet!!!

  3. congratz hempress! sounds like fun can i move in? hahaha
  4. When are you going to start growing again Hempress?
  5. sweet, glad you got out of where you were, and congrads on the job, what are you doing?

  6. I'm working at a photo lab/portrait studio at the mall where I live

  7. grats hempress!!! maybe i'll have to visit ya sometime n smoke a few j's :)

    btw, if you have any q's needing answered about growing, just PM me n i'll answer em asap!

  8. Hell yeah, I'm going to be bugging you and Woody all the time :D:D

    If it's cool with my roomate, you'd definately be welcome sometime :D
  9. I'm happy for you Hempress.. Sounds like you are finally standing on your own.. I hope the very best for you..

    Finally a job you will have fun at!!!!!!! lol

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